Saturday, February 22, 2020

Being Venus

Tao is to absolute as Te is to being as Ching is to myth. Hypocognition is why myth exists. Venus is in nautical twilight. We're all in Bob's dream.

Being is to dreaming as the immaculate conception is to every concept under heaven. Being being is the tantric wormhole to the noumenon.

Imagine god the absolute suddenly with a cartoon bubble overhead containing these two words: I am! This big bliss is only the beginning.

Imagine that this cartoon bubble is separating from the absolute like a hydrogen balloon. On its surface lives an ignorance of that inside.

Inside is that immaculate conception memory calls being. By being being this thought balloon suddenly collapses.

Being being may be that sexual communion when consciousness is knowing consciousness in a biblical way.

Being being may be the lucid visualization that being is the outer limits of my sun and inside is my absolute black whole.

Being being may be deconstruction, no mind, comedy, paradox, or any creativity. Much Ado About Mu.

Like late February and the bare woods are now revealing that singular clear light of self-awareness—

for in mid-October the formula of leaves is just beginning to turn. By March or April, call it Easter.

Sometime Venus is the morning star. Sometimes Venus is the evening star. Suddenly I am this great notion.

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