Monday, January 27, 2020

Be True To Your School

One shot no thought with equal portions of I Am—if consciousness is giving birth to consciousness, what is born?

The days of the mind is like the ash growing on the hot coals of consciousness and the body is like the ashes of the mind.

To be looking through the looking-glass, always begin the beginning at consciousness. It’s the original wonderland.

So I'm telling my grandchild what to do and she is all about telling me not to tell her—I forget

she's the manifestation of intentional non-doing getting sick and tired of this fiction called free will. God love her.


the rainbow mind of no mind.

it’s the opposite of what you think. like a broken clock.

big science is assuming consciousness. consciousness consumes big science for breakfast!

the play of consciousness is all about the fractal truth.

let it go. into the unknown. 

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