Sunday, March 29, 2020

Preach Saturday

Division creates a mess. More division doesn't clean it up, naturally.

For the only thing more self-righteous than religious dogma is political belief.

Since neither has to do with true self, zeal replaces truth, and hatred, love.

Being is not for belief and love is not for conditioning! For forsythia is forsythia.

Cicely Mary Barker

Thursday, March 19, 2020

More or Less in Love

Less lecture, more breathe.

Less division, more subtraction.

Less ideology, more amour.

More Matsushima, more!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Consider Now

Fear is love blinded by belief.
Drop belief and love.

One believes a future which doesn't exist
or loves the present that is.

Belief conceives misguided action, and fear, inaction.
Love is truest action.

Belief tastes like matter and sinks like a stone.
Consider the water lilies.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Consciousness / Science / Faith

Consciousness is not inside all matter. Matter is consciousness, a conceptual appearance in consciousness. There is only consciousness.

If matter is belief, the body is belief. If the body is belief, disease is also belief. Consciousness, do the science.

Consciousness is like the glass. The body-mind is like a lens. Its focus is self-awareness. See? Absolute awareness is the noumenal eye.

There is nothing a person can do but trust in consciousness as the sun and faithful liberator of a clouded and non-lucid dream.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

With True Myth

Universal consciousness is god and there is no personal consciousness. It appears that existentialism is dead instead.

Consciousness plus mind is material emotion. Consciousness minus mind is pure awareness. Mind is the machine of consciousness.

Self-awareness takes a dream. Outside the dream, all is well. Inside the dream, there's a fever.

Mind is the tool that makes the dream and love is the hand that swings the axe.

Being is the Christ heart of self-awareness. Self-awareness is a Buddha feature of absolute awareness.

Being is unconditional love. Self-awareness is not the self. True myth is a lucid sonnet.


Free will is a very modern mistake.
Wu Wei is ancient wonderland.
Big science is a wasteland.
Outside the dream isn’t in or of it.
Love is the hand of being.
Being is the heart.
Self-awareness requires material ignorance.
Self-awareness is my universe. Who are you?
Neither ego nor superego but an honest witness. 
Diogenes isn't looking for a person.
Disidentify with dreaming 
and identify with the dreamer waking up 
and witnessing the dream.
Between the dreaming and the waking is the lucid dream.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

An Ouroboric Exercise

Breathe in the earth, breathe out the sky. Breathing in as universal being, is, breathing out as absolute awareness. This is my ouroboric exercise.

Being being is this breathing in. Manifestation is implosion and not some big bang. Black holes aren't stars collapsing into supernatural gravity.

In this way of being, being is an impression of the absolute and being is the absolute speaking. Listen. Talk.

as if the trees in a forest are 
intuitive extensions of my roots
i feel from canopy to crown chakra
like a thousand petals
big science is about 85 percent dark matter 
and almost 15 percent speculation
21 grams are still missing
if consciousness is talking to consciousness
consciousness is listening

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The Spoken Word

Being being comes before being. Being before being being is belief, religion, or some other kind of disassociation.

Visualizing being is a negative capability, the yin to the yang of personal deconstruction.

The mind is not a dream. The mind is making dreams. Mind is the handle for my graceful axe of self-awareness.

They say the core of the earth is fire. I say the core of this dreamstate is the sun.

White light is the manifestation of my black whole. Being is the word. Being being is the spoken word.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Untitled, Nameless, and Incalculable

Vision, reverie, dream, nirvana.

Being, daylight, midnight, heaven.

Presentation, manifestation,

hallucination, realization.

Universe, person, specter and beyond.

Every breath is a life, every word is a myth.

The less a word appears to be a metaphor, the more it is.

Be it spirit or consciousness or neuroscience,

words are neither spiritual, nondual, nor scientific.

Fools are busy making better names for fingers.

Friday, February 28, 2020

The Country of Tao

Pain is personal and death is just a thought. Pain is verse divided.
Bliss is the universe and death is the future of the past.
Myth is the necessary mind of my unknowing.

For the unknown shall be known in this unknowing.
In this way, only consciousness is knowledge.
Unknowing is knowing and the great unknown is.

Little big mind, nothing is wrong. All is self-fulfilling.
This world is my projection of intentional ignorance. Call it fear.
Look closer and see through it. It's not there.

As mind is the mirror of self-awareness,
Venus and a crescent moon is in the air tonight.
To deconstruct the mind is loving being.

Ziggy Stardust and a Honky Tonk Woman.
Lucid dreaming is another name for self-awareness.
There is no name for noumenal awareness.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Fear and Marketing in Las Cruces

The function of a dream is to disprove some previous dream. Everything is part of the dream but being. Never listen to the news but love the love in being now.

Lucid dreaming is always seeing through the next thought while being in the current one. Before being is born there's war upon atomic war on being yet I am.

As body is to mind as is to being, being cures the body-mind of fear and marketing. Jesus is a tantric scientist. Mary is a virgin. Being isn’t born. Death is disinformation.


dreaming is fractal
being is not a part
loving love is 

the greatest country song
the first law of deconstruction is be
social conditioning begins day one

i was raised a roman catholic
being being is my scientific tantra
mary baker eddy is a friend of mine

the definition of a person is forgetting being
mistaking thinking for being is original sin
being is the point of deconstruction

breaking news is the latest in conditioning
postmodern deconstruction is my birthright
politics is like kali

enlightenment is sudden
comedy is gradual
being being

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Being Venus

Tao is to absolute as Te is to being as Ching is to myth. Hypocognition is why myth exists. Venus is in nautical twilight. We're all in Bob's dream.

Being is to dreaming as the immaculate conception is to every concept under heaven. Being being is the tantric wormhole to the noumenon.

Imagine god the absolute suddenly with a cartoon bubble overhead containing these two words: I am! This big bliss is only the beginning.

Imagine that this cartoon bubble is separating from the absolute like a hydrogen balloon. On its surface lives an ignorance of that inside.

Inside is that immaculate conception memory calls being. By being being this thought balloon suddenly collapses.

Being being may be that sexual communion when consciousness is knowing consciousness in a biblical way.

Being being may be the lucid visualization that being is the outer limits of my sun and inside is my absolute black whole.

Being being may be deconstruction, no mind, comedy, paradox, or any creativity. Much Ado About Mu.

Like late February and the bare woods are now revealing that singular clear light of self-awareness—

for in mid-October the formula of leaves is just beginning to turn. By March or April, call it Easter.

Sometime Venus is the morning star. Sometimes Venus is the evening star. Suddenly I am this great notion.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

True Prophecy

Asking if the sun is consciousness is forgetting I am consciousness. Asking if a rock is consciousness is forgetting there's no rock.

Phenomenal being is to noumenal awareness as material of mountains is to energy of stars. Form is self-awareness, self-awareness, form.

Black holes aren't born. Like my old Don't Worry Be Hopi t-shirt, the fabric of this space-time continuum is being seen through.

Noumenal awareness is that unknown unseen called black hole by theoretical science.

Noumenal awareness is aware of nothing but itself of course because there's nothing else.

This singular self-awareness is the so-called universe and mind is the mirror of self-awareness.

Its dreamstate is the chaos of descension, reflection, and projection. As noumeon is all, self-awareness is spontaneous.

As Alice isn’t looking at but seeing through the looking glass, Bodhidharma isn't staring at a wall.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

We the Dreamstate

All is fractal. Spirit is energy and energy is the prime concept. The name for energy is being. As the mind dreams in thought, consciousness dreams in being. Dominus vobiscum.

The night is just a dream believing the sun is dead although it's shining over China. The day is just a dream believing energy to be materialistic. As night and day is dream and dreamstate.

Belief and being. Thought and energy. Desire and intent. Psychological concepts and the immaculate conception. Dreams are city-states of art. The dreamstate is the country of war. Reality is nondual.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Science of a Mirror

Knowledge is to knowing as ash to Ashtavakra. The rich man is the person of knowledge. Knowing is the eye of the needle. The kingdom is consciousness and God is absolute awareness.

Self-awareness is the universe, evolution is intentional, and consciousness is all in which phenomena appears. The mirror is the dreamstate state of mind, projective, ultimately reflexive.

And all is well with the mind. Thought merely tells the mystery. Belief is the killer but thought is the thorn removing the thorn as well. Consciousness talking to consciousness is the science of a mirror.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

103. Climate Change is Soylent Green.

Love is Tao in action as consciousness is the expression of the absolute. Call this thinking before belief.

Love is the tantric way. Sex is something else. Listen, consciousness is unborn and the body is only a rumor. Relax, dude.

I know falling out of love is heartbreak but pain is belief. I don't work for Nashville. Nashville works for me.

You will know a dream when you see one. An interpretation of a dream always happens before the dream. It’s like red sky at night.

In this way prophecy is singing. One is in the process of awakening. Self-awareness is too late to stop now.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

102 In the World

From zero, they try to scare you out of being with the news and weather. First, there is no they. There's reflection and projection only.

Next, space is thought and time is memory. This is the power of three: if self-awareness is the only child of absolute awareness

and self-awareness is obviously an infinite loop, absolute-awareness being self-aware is the dark matter of this dreamstate. As west is east.

Listen, thinking without memory in a world made of memory is my tantric secret. And lucid alchemy of healing.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Lucid Prophecy 101

It's not climate change. It's the inevitable collapse of a greenhouse dream-state founded on separation, competition, war, and unending growth.

Call it the ultimate bubble. Its end days are being filled with all five stages of hallelujah grief.

Lucid dreaming happens seeing through the dream state dreams becoming more intentional in nature

not this psychological deconstructive paradox as the dream state is spontaneous manifestation of self-awareness.

(Before turning thirty and thirsty needing to believe in a fundamental Jesus and judgmental Christ

after nihilism and conscious lack of love turns to Satan on the Subwoofer waking twenty twenty minus nineteen eighty four.)

Gratitude isn't just new age but the affectionate component of self-awareness. Mental attention deconstructs but the heart laughs.

footnotes 101

identifying with belief is the original sin. 
love is god.
bargaining and denial.
anger and suicide.
what is acceptance?

another name for lucid dreaming is wu wei.
an interpretation of a dream is still a dream. 
self-awareness is intuitive.
imagine one believing in a theory of duality 
despite universal consciousness.

superman is thinking god is just a thought
but god is not a thought. 
god is consciousness.
experience the phenomenon that is being. 
self-awareness is completely gone beyond.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Venus Moonlight Mantra

Venus first and then a crescent moon—the light of pure awareness is reflecting through appearances in consciousness—as truth and beauty is the space within and without a Grecian urn.

Breathe in the white light of the black whole and feel the body glow again as consciousness. This is the self-awareness meditation called Sun Tantra.

As the dream of the planet in light of sky—as morning mist burns a way—as this psychological mirage, this world, this earth is disappearing into rivers and mountains—as confessional waves in a sea of absolution.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Be True To Your School

One shot no thought with equal portions of I Am—if consciousness is giving birth to consciousness, what is born?

The days of the mind is like the ash growing on the hot coals of consciousness and the body is like the ashes of the mind.

To be looking through the looking-glass, always begin the beginning at consciousness. It’s the original wonderland.

So I'm telling my grandchild what to do and she is all about telling me not to tell her—I forget

she's the manifestation of intentional non-doing getting sick and tired of this fiction called free will. God love her.


the rainbow mind of no mind.

it’s the opposite of what you think. like a broken clock.

big science is assuming consciousness. consciousness consumes big science for breakfast!

the play of consciousness is all about the fractal truth.

let it go. into the unknown. 

Friday, January 24, 2020


Political belief is religion. Separation of church and state is the impossible dream of people. For we is the original division of memory from being.

Naturally if every person is a state of being and being is god, then every state belongs to the church of being.

Accordingly twenty-two years ago today, I see Dylan and Van Morrison at the new Garden performing Heaven's Door together.

Dylan is playing on the antistate. Van the Man is singing like a god. This moment is a vortex. Nondual expression of the absolute heart.

Listen, if consciousness is the immaculate conception, belief is like getting fucked.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Once upon Geronimo and Flamenco

Love is the universal language. Everyone is I am. The network of the body-mind feels my pain like urgent information in the giving and receiving universal breath. Inattentive consciousness takes it personally.

Imagine consciousness as this thought balloon of the unknown absolute and the caption reads the starry night. If space-time is a mirror and every constellation is a story, love is absolutely mine.

No one doingly misunderstand me. Despite Diana, sexual attraction is a spontaneous component in this healing. True love confessions, I marry only Christine. True story. I meet her at a game of Risk.

In the love of space-time the sex is so damn good it's like having a child and that child is having another fractal child. For all is dreaming well tonight in this desert land of self-awareness. It's a process you see.

Geronimo is by Ed Breeding


1. dedicated to the myth of self-reflexive universes.
2. the relative absolute is naturally love.
3. duality turns.
4. form is transformation. transformation is form.

dream state kundalini is focusing this consciousness
into the dream of self-awareness
attention, ouroboros

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Saint Orange Sunshine

This life is but Shakespearean play and all the lonely people secondary characters of a primary-colored kaleidoscopic dream appearing here and now in universal consciousness.

After the orange sunshine we are sitting on a dock in a psychedelic lake watching an imaginary moon. And the moon imagined fifty years ago is the same moon I'm imagining tonight, my lysergic lover.

Suddenly I'm seeing the moon is all my light reflecting in this lake of altered Dominus Vobiscum. God is dead in perfect thought but thought is never born in absolution. As space-time is my mirror.

Pelvis by Georgia O’Keeffe by Michael Vaccaro 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dear Child Consciousness

I was raised a Roman Catholic. The universe is my empire. I’d walk a mile downtown for confession to a priest known for anonymity.

Narcissism is my name. God is what I do. And because Cold Mountain only hurts the one it loves, now I’m a Taoist hermit.

I make exceptions for my family. I worship my granddaughter. She thinks I'm grand enough but no one needs another parent.

Unstoppable social conditioning is meeting immovable self-awareness. They call it the terrible twos. It's the law of three.

The Madonna of the Lilies by William-Adolphe Bouguereau