Friday, December 6, 2019

Scientific Intentional Self-awareness Tantra

To be self-aware, pure awareness gives itself an unawareness. As in wave, particle, atom, molecule. Or light to matter.

Let ego be ego. That is as it is. The outer universe is unawareness. The inner feels like spirit, fire, sun, black hole.

This is known to be the healing of awareness. Intentional self-awareness. Lucid dreaming is the necessary news. Divine imagination.

The god of pure awareness so loves self-awareness, it is giving its child awareness to unawareness so whosoever may disbelieve.

Not this. Material pain is addictive. Don't think about it. Let being be the healing of intentional self-awareness.

i was given a dream before i knew the art of dreaming
the world is well inside
see spot run
as our beloved jesus disbelieves the teachers 
and the buddha deconstructs all roads
awareness is not a thought
be the black hole
Sun Tantra™

Earth Sun Moon by Giovanni DiFeterici

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