Wednesday, September 4, 2019

symphony seven. tell it paradoxical. for molly.

Without consciousness, the mind is just gray matter. And as the mind is the source of a black-and-white world and consciousness is source of dividing mind, pure awareness is the sourceless source.

Self-awareness is the electric intent of this star-crossed medium played by the loving hands of heart in Absolute Mary. As matter is nothing but everything matters, mind is an all-important hyphen.

If self-awareness is the child and pure awareness is the parent, then the holy ghost is being. For the machine is in the ghost and not vice versa. The antichrist called social conditioning possesses all ignorance, child.

So tell the truth but tell it paradoxical. Not only doesn't the mind become enlightened, there's no enlightenment without the mind. And nonduality is just the point behind this fine print.

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