Tuesday, August 20, 2019

symphony three. the universe electric. for emmy.

Resting in your so-called personal consciousness is an entry-level drug. It doesn't matter if someone believes consciousness is a body-brain production. Consciousness knows what consciousness is. And what isn't.

This is why an honest visitation to I-am leads one to see I am that I-am. For there is no personal consciousness. Although there is an individual one. Atman is Brahman after all.

Social conditioning would have us believe the individual is a secondary character to the primary one of society itself. But the individual is the only universe there is.

I've seen the best ones of this generation lost within division. As if there is a kind of individual politics which is not a universal declaration of war. As if belief and love are not incompatible.

As if there's anything but the universe electric sounding in each solitary August cricket tonight. Matter is unproven theory leading to dementia. Only consciousness is fact. Keep on thinking from the heart.

one. the only knowledge is consciousness. the rest is hearsay. no matter one's desire to believe it.

two. not two. consciousness is the manifestation of the absolute truth.

three. zen is easy. deconstruction is hard.

four. all politics isn’t local; love is. all politics is the suspension of disbelief.

five. essentially, matter is disease. consciousness is cure. 

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