Wednesday, August 14, 2019

symphony one. hydrologic ouroboros. for agi.

After deconstructing one's conditioning, there's energy, awareness, and being. Listen carefully, it's not nothing. There's no universe but universal consciousness focusing through energy to being into apocalyptic self-awareness.

I know from experience that being gets lost in dreaming. Look, divine imagination is the natural turn from being to self-awareness. But when its metaphysical imaginal tool of thought becomes identity instead, the flow is lost within a dreamy whirlpool, night and day.

After the whirlpool is energy, being, and reflections of awareness. Great intent is always flowing from sky to sea—through mountains and rivers—and back to sky like a hydrologic ouroboros.

The only snake in paradise is self-awareness. Eve is only deconstructing her material identity. The goddess dies before she dies. By the way, Adam and God are merely secondary characters in Genesis.


one. nihilists need not apply.

an avatar is natural divine imagination. the personal is original dream.

three. scientific materialism cannot accept intent despite the evidence of evolutionary self-awareness. in fact, all kinds of materialistic archbishops are questioning self-awareness now instead.

i  know i’m not material but being loves a good story

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