Sunday, August 25, 2019

symphony four. thirteen potions. for beverly.

Social conditioning creates a false sense of the universal. From personal deconstruction springs the leafless individual. Essentially this feature of the universal is the focal point of self-awareness.

The opposite of myth is the world. Matter is to the world as consciousness is to myth. Matter is ninety-nine percent space and nearly one percent belief.

The body-brain is to social conditioning as consciousness is to awareness. Dreaming is to the world as myth-making is to lucid dreaming is to mind not lost within itself.

If matter is this snake of a mistake, myth is that twist of self-awareness. Scientism is the new theology with a secret Latin of its own. Scientific materialism is the root of all scientific error.

If disease is the manifestation of a great mistake and western medicine is the church of this mistake, one can only do the math. Being as belief is the only glitch, only consciousness is the one solution. 

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