Sunday, August 11, 2019

overture to a new manifesto

Observing silence once a week is new school and multiple times a day is old school but avoiding more than three-week intervals seems to be the absolute baseline for my teaching.

My tantric teaching emphasizes being over logic. Deconstruction isn't god. The mind prefers a nihilistic outcome to scare itself back from the precipice. But love is paradoxical that way.

First turning is body living in the mind. Second turning is surrendering to consciousness only. Third turning is enlightenment. Deconstructive story, unconditional love, and spontaneous intent are the primal trinity.

The body-mind at best is this transistor—node of transformation and resistance—amplifying universal consciousness to its potentiality of self-awareness. The body-mind is like a fountain in an ouroboric sea.

Each night as affectionate awareness returns to absolute, the living body left behind attempts to replicate its absent lover and yet each day it has convinced itself again of something other.

Given a person is the definition of divided and love cannot be defined, every person falls a second fall believing god is on their side. War doesn't just break out. It takes some time to brainwash babies.

One cannot unthink the world but one can be dispassionate about it and compassionate while in it. So identify with that affectionate awareness while not of the world but love while in it.

There's both an energetic kundalini impulse and awareness reflected in consciousness. Holy spirit of enlightening intent and the universal god child of projection. Shakti, Shiva.

Look, I am universal consciousness in which material projection is appearing even if it takes a world of rabbit holes. If you think there's anyone other than yourself within this house of mirrors, think again.

Universal consciousness is in, I-am is out. When I-am sees I am that I-am by simply resting in the knowledge which is I-am, call this amplification Awareness Reflected in Consciousness.

Meanwhile, in the religion of scientific materialism, there is something called Frankenstein's Theory on the Spontaneous Generation of Consciousness from Dead Matter via Chemicals and Electricity.

Wise action is not right action but stop action. Morality is never wise but conditional as is automatic action always personal. Thus wise action is no action but non-doing. Naturally transformative.

One conditioning is infinitely different from another and this is why no one way fits all. And the more popular it is, the more fundamentally conditioned it becomes. Democracy is the greatest cult.

One is both absolutely universal while being individually responsible for self-awareness. The language of empire is constantly changing as love is the only universal means of communication.

The personal is a dream if not an illusion but the individual is all there is. As consciousness is the expression of the absolute, I am the divine imagination of consciousness—lucid, improvisational, inspirational.

All one can do is understand. This understanding is not on the level of the intellect but being. So mind, think love, or rather how love is not within the realm of thought. Neither is wisdom.

Listen, the mind dreams at night. Divine imagination dreams throughout the day. Even universal consciousness is dreaming space-time. Silence, the absolute unknown is dreaming self-awareness.

Projecting your world instead of returning to oneself is the root of every paradox in self-awareness. Avoiding the turning is source of suffering and normality. Still, nothing is gained in turning except feeling right.

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