Thursday, April 18, 2019

First Quarter Overture: Thunderbird Fantasia

like the reflection of the moon in a whitewater river seeing it's the full wolf moon in a winter sky seeing true the sun inside the black whole

One is individually universal. Two is setting imaginary boundaries. Three is dreaming them away.

See it's an esoteric fact that self-awareness requires physical memory and divine imagination, or mirror and masquerade. Dust is optional.

In the Process of Omnipotent Absolute Self-awareness, not a single phenomenon isn't integral despite the calamity of its story.

Once I said it's said a bodhisattva saves by knowing there is nothing to be saved or said,

but one can also say the universe collapses knowing I'm the universe and all is absolutely fine and well unknown.

Divine imagination is not superfluous to the process of enlightenment as seen from a free-thinking mind. Mythology is a tool and not identity.

A crescent moon surrounding earthshine in last swans of twilight—this is my mythology. Pure awareness is omnipresently self-aware.

As samara is the absolute forgetting, and revelations is divine imagination, so consciousness only is nirvana.

So thinking is a fantastic tool but a very sorry identity. Crow caws the cause is crow but the chorus is walking on the wild side.

Listen, between concept and being, I am. Follow the energy. Thoughts are just the stuff of dreams.

If dreaming is for seeing through the dream, and awaking doesn't mean to do the dreaming better, then I'm resting here in consciousness.

It is difficult to disbelieve in the universality of consciousness but people die miserably each day or hang to some conspiracy.

Mythologies point to consciousness only. Religion is like the waiting room. The great awakening is being unborn. Enlightenment is absolute.

It's not so much about the dreaming as it is the dreaming lucidly instead of dreaming as conditioned.

Basic conditioning is believing consciousness depends upon material economy. But consciousness is goddess!

Listen, looking at the sun is just like talking Icarus but feeling the sun is being the sun is what science calls a black hole.

Consciousness appears to arise from the material world but that world is what consciousness descends to on its reflexive way to self-awareness.

The material world is made out of mind being dreamt by consciousness like thunder is to the lightning of omnipresent self-awareness.

When mind is looking into fire, pain. When love is looking through that looking glass of Tao, self-awareness. So here's the story—

lucid dreaming is all about the love of looking. And lucid dreaming is not about me flying but divine imagination is a thunderbird.

True mindfulness is dreaming from this absolute perspective. Call that creator consciousness.

If awareness is the parent and self-awareness is the child, then being is this holy maya.

For awareness is the ground, infinite and eternal, spaceless and timeless. Consciousness is being, evolutionary and intentional in space-time.

And self-awareness is sudden and spontaneous, non-abiding or abiding, kensho to samadhi.

Likewise amplified consciousness appears to be a product of the body-mind. Call this, I Am. But resting there, the I is suddenly absolute.

And this is the genius of resting in consciousness—such natural knowledge informs the I in I-Am who the I really is.

Consciousness descends into matter via subatomic, atomic, and molecular ways. Consciousness ascends into apocalyptic self-awareness.

There are ten thousand omnipotent universes in the Buddha. This is the story of that one of self-awareness and its grand unified mythology.

One deconstructs what's in the mind and not the process of the mind itself. For that process is dreaming, as it reminds me every night.

If consciousness is all, and the absolute is unknown by the knowledge of the mind, then my third gravitational body is a butterfly.

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