Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ballad of Burning Love

Not only can't I make a horse drink water, but it tries to lead me to its dry belief.

Look, nothing really matters but my individual experience of the universe, knowing they're the one and same.

Once I said it's said a bodhisattva saves by knowing there is nothing to be saved or said,

but one can also say the universe collapses knowing I'm the universe and all is absolutely fine and well unknown.

Listen, they say the essence of evolution is self-awareness. I say as is intent's desire. No reason for enlightenment, it is and isn't.

Following intent’s desire, resting in self-awareness, as the secondary reverie is dreamily returning, suddenly awaken to this manifest of love.


Enlightenment is in our DNA.
All arguments are personal. War is hell defending hell.
Note to self. Trademark individually universal.
To paraphrase the Diamond Sutra.
Theorizing relativity is the latest thinking.
Relax, enlightenment is just another word.
It's only esoterica but I like it.

Elvis lives. Life is an anagram.
A horse is a horse of course.
Being is what remains after postmodern deconstruction. It's called now.
The personal is a meme, wise guy.
I love the Christian mystic.
Pure awareness being self-aware. This is my bible.
In reality, self-awareness always be opening.

Projection is well-played.
Every individual is an emperor of ice cream.
Save your breath. Be a tree.
Don't particle that wave, my friend.
Simply speaking, self-awareness is enlightenment as seen within its so-called process.
As pure awareness is unclouded, self-awareness is the rainbow body.
Manifestation is analog. Enlightenment is digital.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ballad of a Mystic from Norwich

In the Process of Omnipotent Absolute Self-awareness, not a single phenomenon isn't integral despite the calamity of its story.

Like self-awareness is a tree, the mind is like an axe, and the untold story is a coil of rope appearing to be Rings of Saturn.

Mythology. Psychology. Biology. Tautology. The Wholly Orgy Kama Sutra Everyone!

For every projection tells its terrible story but love is divine virtue pervasive in consciousness turning—

imagining the manifesting turning of enlightening intent in natural non-doing flowing

resting in omnipresent affectionate awareness going down the rabbit hole in foggy dreaming

spontaneously arising lucidly awaking to this sparking of one's consequent expression.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Rabbit Whale

Consciousness does not appear like magic from the mind, like space-time from a mustard seed, like being from a beetle.

Consciousness is all I truly know, this fundamental knowledge, and any other metaphysics is conditional disinformation

left unquestioned by a mind not yet prepared for further prehistoric or postmodern self-inquiry (I Am or Who am I)

no matter what phenomenal genius it displays. What a rabbit hole is thought. Love is always making karma.

It's said a Bodhisattva saves by knowing there is nothing to be saved or said.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Seven Wonders of Awareness

When the universe is artificially divided, one's required to fabricate incessant concoctions of cause and effect to bind it back together.

But in terms of the universe itself, the universe is the only cause and the universe is a singular effect.

All is spontaneously transformative and never faithfully replicated even in the greatest feedback of electric memory.

Listen, a self-reflexive mythology is a systematic understanding of the universe as pure awareness being self-aware—

in which prime cause and its final effect is a pre-existing universal unconditional so to speak.

See it's an esoteric fact that self-awareness requires physical memory and divine imagination, or mirror and masquerade. Dust is optional.

If all appears in consciousness, and consciousness is the reflection of the absolute, eyewitness and inner voice are the yin and yang of Tao.


looking at the parts will never know the whole
as cause equals effect, space equals time, and other theories of relativity
all in good time
don't rely on mind for time. it's like a phonographic needle but i'm a sixties song.
~just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in~
dropping is another name for seeing through all names
if self-awareness is the essence of pure awareness, and consciousness is the sky of self-awareness, consciousness is the cross of tao 

karma is belief not completely deconstructed
everything is the one, even one
omnipresence is always present
there is no unified theory but there is a unified heart—each beat is individually universal
no definition is absolute, every word must die
body-mind is political, consciousness is love
après consciousness, le monde

Monday, January 21, 2019

How to Love a Butterfly

Understanding isn't really understanding unless it's understanding understanding isn't really understanding. The only emperor is the emperor of thought but render unto consciousness all my loving.

One is individually universal. Two is setting imaginary boundaries. Three is dreaming them away. It's not about the freedom to speak my mind or whatever, but loving I am not the mind.

Because the dream remains in memory, there forever is a past, present, and future. And as cause appears in memory, rabbit holes. Dreaming is Zhuangzi. Zhuangzi is dreaming. The same is true for not Zhuangzi.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

concentrating #sr190119

As the witness speaks, the voice is watching. Attention and intuition is breathing in and breathing out. All is headless, non-doing, and empty. The Tao of the Apocalypse is Tao. For self-awareness is beyond the wildest dream. Self-awareness is divine imagination as an ocean wave.

The Tao of Seeing Yin and Speaking Yang. Be the best unknown that one can be. To repeat, all is headless, non-doing, and empty. As to the unknown unknown, science doesn't speak but swears to god. Immateriality is just a thought away. A myth is a myth is awake.

The Tao of the Apocalypse (#sr190119)

In universal consciousness, being is the reflection of the absolute. Such is eyewitness and inner voice—

attention and intuition are all the same. In fact attention, intuition, and the absolute unknown is the trinity of knowing—

or Revelations. Everything appears in consciousness. Being doesn’t do but is spontaneously happening. Nothing is revealing.

The Tao of the Apocalypse is like this third eye talking in tongues. Evolution is the new myth of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the old myth. What happens in the dream stays in the dreaming. Spirit isn’t of the dream

but only in the dream. The dream is dead, long live the dream! Awareness is being self-aware, forgive me my chaoses.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

there is something like a wave (#sr190117e)

Of course the absolutely nameless ground, call it Self, is, in its absolutely isless omnipresence, eternally Self-aware—

and something like a wave is Self-awareness, call it spirit, being, consciousness, the universe or God.

For consciousness begets a reflexively forgetful and socially-conditioned consciousness focused by a body-mind

(but that's another name and story)

whose sole conscious intent is to understand itself. This mythic process is what Self-awareness appears to be within divine imagination

yet on a more experiential note after personal deconstruction, there remains this singular and certain actuality—I am

and its intuitive revelation. Is is. Lastly the is-that-is is contemplating this silent business of an isness like wildfire and mirrors

like the reflection of the moon in a whitewater river seeing it's the full wolf moon in a winter sky seeing true the sun inside the black whole