Tuesday, November 13, 2018

tantra universal nonconceptual individual absolute

Between the space of consciousness and the place called the world is the cloud of unknowing. Only in unknowing knowledge one knows knowing, Hiawatha.

The greatest myth literally creates a world where one is lucidly living out the latest understandings. And these are the latest greatest understandings—universal, nonconceptual, individual, absolute.

Obviously love is not a science. Experiential being (I am) equals infinity and beyond. The unconditional can't be classified—like a Georgia O’Keeffe flower. Being is Far Out Like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

s/he says vagina. s/he says lankavatara. no name for basho. and the chorus goes universal, nonconceptual, individual, absolute. Lights! Myth literally creates a world for one’s projection! Lovingly. Lucidly.

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