Thursday, November 22, 2018

Plimoth Vortex Sutra

Giving thanks to the bounty of nature as this body is the body of Christ consciousness like a stereo system is the body of music—the dream state is the house that consciousness builds to listen to itself as to know itself. This is called the song of self-awareness.

This song is like a great morality play where morality is social conditioning and play is universal love deconstructing unawareness. In the moment as it is, the separation of truth and law is the tantric gift of the first thanksgiving, and beyond all worldly empire and amen!

Universal consciousness is individually absolute and the only teaching of this knowledge is direct transmission, sudden spontaneous combustion, or the paradox of poetry—and not by local priest nor, god forbid, archbishop.

Being only is the only knowledge and divine imagination is the mythic dream of self-awareness. There are ten thousand causes for each effect. Being is the absolute. Transcendental fundamental firmament of transformation and impermanence, absolution be thy nameless name!

Stories are born like lilies of the field but consciousness is
the sun in olive trees with yellow sky and sun.
Iphoki, wanbli, honga, kamamul,
wohali, atsa, pelaethee, tsa-cho!

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