Saturday, November 10, 2018

Dream like Zhuangzi

I was taught to think the universe is other than myself. Hell, I was taught to think there even is a was.

After all, every cinematic encounter deconstructs the nuts and bolts of mass projection, but every story likes a story instead.

See, I know the space of instant manifestation and sudden reincarnation without a doubt, but I'm still learning timing.

And if science teaches me one thing about the space-time continuum, it's its holistic nature,

the universe and its uncertain inevitability of transformation, but nothing more.

What science hasn't yet to prove is that old old folktale: the other. In fact it’s just the opposite.

Listen, almost all translations of poetry writing from a point of view without a view have a point of view.

Therefore, burn this before reading. Zhuangzi utterly transforms the butterfly effect.

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