Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Consciousness is Talking Consciousness

It's not division of the universal that's unnatural but universal consciousness identifying with some phenomenal division is,

to say the least, unhealthy, inviting consequences from that disinherited aspect of myself—some call this karma. Seeing through it is enlightening.

Seeing through the personal happens suddenly, spontaneously, without the microscopic so-called doings of an unrealistic person—

some call this satori or the grace of the guru. Consciousness is talking consciousness to consciousness!

Love can't bring down empires but sees right through them. Jesus died for my embodiment. I call this truth individually universal.

sages and mages and christ oh my!
the case of mistaken identity.
samsara is nirvana yes it is.
profound revelation.
consciousness and the power of three
for yours and mines of curiosity.

crosby stills matisse shankara and wallace stevens
icarus never flew too close to the sun, silly. icarus the sun!
dare to be!
in the name of knowing all doing has nothing to do with being—
the only mantra is the emperor of i am.

footnotes for the law one.
i fought the law but the law one
i shot the sheriff but i did not shoot duality
jesus mary joseph holy is trimurti
individually universal coming to a download near you
there is no becoming there are no words for tao
oh wow! oh wow! oh wow!

the last footnotes
can i hear you say individually universal!
my sweet lord s/he's so fine.
i am that is the best medicine amen.
number nine number nine number nine

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