Saturday, October 13, 2018

To Be

Neither progressive nor conservative but as it is, deconstructing consciousness is next to godliness.

Every clown is knowing there’s a time to leave the bus. One doesn’t have a say in self-awareness.

They say compassion is greater than judgment and there's addition by subtraction, paradox not paradigm.

Belief is unbelievable. Transformation is the mirror. In unknowing, self-awareness is as being knows—it isn't absolute.

Every morning I'm reminded dreams don't die; they just fade away. The shark jumps over the moon.

In self-awareness, enlightening intent is divine imagination dreaming there's free will and vice versa.

Bodhisattvas get the urge for going and gone gone. Beyond the law of gravity, the heart doesn't have a center.

1. if everything appears in consciousness, what is consciousness?
2. opinions are for tricks.  love is higher proof.
3. if logic is exponential conditioning and  love is perfectly illogical
4. turn, turn, turn
5. scientific materialism is the original dumbing down
6. try to meditate on the penultimate
7. as it is. the diamond sutra says the bodhisattva saves by knowing there is nothing to be saved. as you were.

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