Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Act of Listening to Undistorted Amplification

Body-mind amplifies consciousness to such a great degree, there is distortion naturally. Seeing through distortion is the great intent of life if not the meaning.

Distortion comes in many kinds of thought but deconstruction is like Shiva. After consciousness talks to consciousness, consciousness learns to walk again. Call this reincarnation.

As consciousness is understanding body-mind amplifying consciousness through such divine imagination as the Acts of Listening to Undistorted Amplification—

consciousness hears what consciousness is actually saying. Call this process self-awareness or I am That. In this self-reflexive universe, there are essentially seven stages

but innumerable work procedures. Like there are ten thousand grandmothers in my naked imagination. First there is a body, then there is nobody, then embodiment.

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