Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Footnotes to Love, Poetry, and Yes, Deconstruction

"Ahab has his humanities!"

Never misunderestimate.

In other words, everything but consciousness is ultimately unproven scientific theory. Like a myth, but unwise.

All sciences and other deconstructions, including the deconstructive science of psychology, if not accompanied by love and myth, are merely personal, and not of universal knowledge, like the law of three,

(whatever they say is bad for you is especially good in moderation)

in the name of Nisargadatta, Emily Dickinson, and Son Rivers.

Jung uncovers what Freud discovered but it isn’t exactly Basho. Or Romeo and Juliet.

Even hitting all the notes doesn’t make a song. That’s why there’s footnotes.

For every fifty ways to leave your lover, there are more than fifty ways of self-awareness. For every devolution, more than one belongs to evolutionary intent. My god this is Spirituality 101.

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