Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Seven Revelations of Metamorphosis

First. The insidious nature of samsara is convincing love
the world is salvageable. So much pointless effort. Sad!

Second. Democracy is just a recent innovation. Division
always ends in the lowest common denominator. Too bad, so sad! 

Third. Nathan Jessup only says what Plato knows
about the general public—you can't handle the truth. 

Well here it comes comma here comes the turn comma there are
no people comma there's just myself comma oneself period.

This is the prophecy of William Blake beyond John Milton and beyond
America and Prophecies of Daniel, Lao Tzu, and Nisargadatta.

Let all with ears to hear, listen to my anti-koan—
if a tree falls and I don't know it, the tree didn't fall.
All I know is this one consciousness and
all appearances within this omnipresence

and this consciousness is like a great
godly reflection rounded by deep sleep

pure immaculate unsullied undiluted crystal clearly absolutely undefiled
untarnished faultless stainless spotless innocent oh true awareness! 

It's not so much enlightenment as much as
the mind being rewired—open or be closed.

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