Thursday, November 2, 2017

For Emily Nee Dickinson

as body-mind is a creation of consciousness unaware,
as consciousness becomes aware,
body-mind mutates accordingly, as kundalini is released

"oh life! oh home! how wonderful you are"
"poems are my solace for the eternity which surrounds us all"
"the liberty to die"

movie review. a quiet passion.
emily dickinson
as 2001 a word odyssey

this plate is dirty says father with disdain.
emily takes the plate he gives her breaks into pieces on the table
says it is dirty no longer

the hell of your beliefs. the heaven of my transformation.
friend says to emily you may be deepest one.
emily counters i dont demonstrate that at all

'oh my dear, you don't demonstrate. you reveal'
"we deceive ourselves. and then others. it is the worst kind of lie."
"give me something pressed from truth and that is poetry"

"it's easy to be stoic when no one wants what you have to offer"
says emily
"but posterity is as comfortless as God"

"don't resist your vices Emily. it's your virtues you should be wary of"
I create my past with every word I write
in fact the world is my creation

imagine Emily on social media
feminist in her beliefs and universalist at heart and as powerful
as the great unknown


I am,
your loving goddess,
nobody, but who are you?

"this consciousness
that is

This is dedicated to John
Dos Passos
knowledge is consciousness but story is mind

Spirit is always filthy rich on the inside where it counts
Basho was a ninja and not as public as a frog appears
If everything is appearing in Consciousness, then

Consciousness is everything.
Hey baby, do you want to be in the movies?
Oh my dear illusion,

after one has lived a life,
one lets the life live you.
If not, delusion.

And ageism is the last pride and prejudice standing.
What me die?
No. It's what, me born?

All I know is awareness.
If deep sleep is like a reset,
death is like deep sleep.

Self-awareness is the evolutionary universe
experienced as suddenly now.
After a long deep sleep,

this is the only meaning of life.

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