Friday, November 17, 2017

Footnotes to Second Tantra. Koan of Myself.

Every word a king, every line a footnote.

Listen, Shakespeare deconstructed all the classics, including all of Shakespeare.

Like the opening of Lankavatara. Like the resurrection of Christ Consciousness.

Focus. Belief is to religion as love is to self-awareness.

Alice in Wonderland, Four Agreements, Einstein, Nisargadatta, Longchenpa. What is The Second Tantra of Manifestation?

A prophet without honor is like an actor in some movie, but every prophet is producer and director, so never mind.

Manifestation without self-awareness is like believing in a yin of projection or the law of attraction.

Synchronicity is to happening as desire is to ~absolute intent of pure awareness being self-aware~ shining through the early morning fog, bare trees, harlequin moon.

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