Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sonnet on Consciousness for Delightful One

The modern meta-paradigm that consciousness is just a product of the body-mind—drop it. And there one is. Consciousness dreams hard.

And parenthetically, wisdom doesn't say I’m nothing. That's the mind's translation for 'not mind.'

To be born of the spirit is just another way of saying one awakens to this experiential fact of consciousness only, born again to the unborn.

This world has never been material but more like temporarily unenlightened of one's immaterial lightness,

I manifest my way to re-enlighten: the school of hard knocks, tough love, and dream interpretation.

And the Newtonian Universe had been disproven, yet I hesitated in accepting that ancient, perennial and quantum truth.

Only love reminds the mind of its own secondary place, as consciousness is whispering to consciousness this sweet holistic message.

Love is what the mind calls it, as consciousness talks to consciousness. Thus it's said that love is everything because consciousness only. 

So, as the mind is busy deconstructing mind, and 'no mind' to the mind is mistakenly believed to be a nihilistic nothing,

it’s beneficial to hold on to Love, Compassion, I Am, Being, or in other words, myself as consciousness only.

Otherwise, let the mind games begin again. Do not pass direct path. Do not go back to jail.

So, as consciousness is the only view, there are no other views. This is called no view on views. I Am is only. There is no modifier.

It follows that the world is of consciousness, by consciousness, for consciousness, and in consciousness, to go our Abraham one further.

Yes, it's difficult to hear that I create my own Samsara, but if I listen, suddenly Nirvana.

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