Sunday, October 1, 2017

Quote Unquote: Consciousness

Listen! The turning point—consciousness is not a product of the brain but vice-versa. This is the actual understanding of the spiritual. Consciousness only. 

But science assumes it will unearth the truth in time. The spiritual knows I am the truth now.

This turning from belief to apperception is like awaking from the dreaming state of mind to now. This turning to the spiritual, this awakening to apperception, is, beyond all hype and expectations, enlightenment. 

The rest is simply further. Yet never underestimate this turning in the modern world. Because of it, almost no one knows where you're coming from.

In other words, consciousness is unbelievable. There is no argument to be made. This is why transmission is the thing in original Zen. The teacher is being only and the student is being only.

Words are being too. Words are the sounds of light belief is writing on the wall. First light, best sound.

Returning to the swamp of unity is not Miami. Everything appears in consciousness so no view on views, but here's a myth for you. 

The harvest moon will shine upon a midnight river. Pure awareness being self-aware. I know it's never two. 

I'd say it's one but it isn't said. Let's call it three, says Tao. There's nothing wrong with the world that disbelieving it can't cure. 

It's all about the crickets, electricity, and love. Who listens when the eye is crying? Even evil is not to be believed. 

Everything is love deflected. Past, present, and future, like consciousness cubed, deconstruction is penultimate.

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