Monday, October 16, 2017

Is Desire a Dirty Word?

The word is not absurd because it rhymes. I don't need a laugh track to know which way the world sucks. So do not ask for whom the world wakes.

Laughter is the best Indian. The emperor has no clothes, Dogen has no body-mind, I haven't got a clue. Non-duality is easy. Nothing is hard. As nature is all about the kill, consciousness is all.

I pause for a word from my sponsor: aumdada. The Beatles are bigger than Buddha in my book. If desire is the fire, love is the light. It is telling what I see. It's just imagination getting what I need.

Jigsaw solid Dali listen lover Venus serendipity tomato mattress salamander deconstruction tractor Rome meander wonderland will be the very next fad.

Love informs desire, emptiness is unforgettable. Desire is not a dirty word but pure as night. Politics divide and sex unites, love. Just thinking is overthinking it. Imagine her, Arjuna.

On the interstate of possibility, each exit is imagination following desire. Dropping body-mind is seeing through the politics of sex and every fucking other oblivious belief.

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