Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ode to Eight Eight Seven Renga

The actuality of self-awareness leaves behind
a trail of human beings,
as if exhaust were form, and intake, emptiness.

Accordingly, scientific materialism is a way about the past
as religious fundamentalism is a way about the future.
But neither is Tao.

In other words,
the mountain didn't make the sky and the sky doesn't make the mountain.
Spontaneity is a motherless child.

Spontaneity! Like absolute awareness being self-aware
and in this singular knowing is that unknowing all—
true meditation, real contemplation, as it is.

Snowflakes, Cherry Blossoms, Thunderstorms, Chrysanthemums— 
transformation is the beautiful speech of light,
relatively speaking.

Finally, self-awareness is absolute love,
and all other loves are either 
the colorful gods within its spectrum

or she's like a rainbow being—
beautiful being is the only concept knowable,
and in its unconditional truth, 

the clouds are parting.
So a rose is a red wheelbarrow is crimson
and clover in objectless awareness.

And self-awareness is 
the boundary-less boundary
within this dream state of these states of being.

Thus speaks 
the wordlessness 
of being—

like sand through an hourglass
intentionally resting in
that diamond of absolute awareness—

of self-awareness


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