Tuesday, August 8, 2017

In Case of Glass, See Through It

It was the night of Nixon's resignation, Jackie Wilson Said. It was the afternoon of Yamadera, Basho wrote.

It was the start of time, it was the end of time, but now is just as good or bad a time to see through time.

Every second is conceptual but first is always now, the non-conceptual conception, or so to speak, the gateless gate.

As seeing through a thought is the art of contemplative meditation, seeing through first thought is the art of being.

Busy being born is busy being dying. But being without this business is God the Absolute seeing through this being.

This process appears to be a process within the process, but there is no process here and now. Being is spontaneously self-aware and absolutely empty.

This is called direct path. Earnestness.

Instant Tao.

In other words, following love at the speed of light.

Questions of abiding, non-abidance, or other states of this existence are questions only valid within this process.

Self-awareness is the Holy Ghost.

The holy spirit is enlightening intent.

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