Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Heart is not online. No person is not divided nor without assassinations of some kind upon their record. Meet me in being, love.

Appearances in consciousness are like exquisite secondary dreams and consciousness is the primal one.

In the future, you won't forget the past. All time is both. Conceptions are seizures of the mind. Inception is first seizure.

Thinking is a phenomenal tool but a terrible identity. The dream state is an awesome place to visit but no place to be.

And the dappled light on August leaves is quite the lovely light show. The sun comes and dust grows. The sun goes and dust blows.

It's not abiding being green. The only difference between a daydream and a nightmare is self-awareness. There is nobody to love but oneself.

True deconstruction is the art of seeing through the number two while knowing one is never zero or some other point of view.

Ten thousand dreams are the warring states but one dream is being. Non-duality is neither born nor unborn, dream nor reality.

The former is the unknown known and the latter is the known unknown. And vice versa.  Another day another moon.

There are no words for that unseen light. Absolutely unknown : I am aware. Call this process self-awareness.

One. Two. Ten thousand. Trinity. Molecular. Union. Sex. Love. Absolution. Nine seconds to nowhere.

Note to self. Dream the dream as if the dream were self-awareness. Being mind body ego laughter love embodiment. Seven absolutions.

Beyond the seeing through division is the recognition that the world is just projection and this being is that absolution one is seeking.

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