Saturday, July 22, 2017

footnotes to the second koan of unknowing

And commentary...

As it is is not what I was taught but get over it.

"That alone, the Absolute, You, Know! and not this which they worship."

Sometimes I live in the river.
Sometimes I live on the riverbank.
Sometimes I get a great notion
to drop body-mind—fade to blank.

Great intent
appears as good
or bad to those
who live within
the world of yin
and yang. But know
the Book of Job 
and who am I?

The fountain of youth is simply being.
I discovered myself in Acadia
and believed its mountains
and great gray sea
was me, and so
almost every single
New England season.

It was after Sky City but before Santa Fe.
Coyote on Interstate 40!
I am...unborn.

Loon, wind, water. Maine!

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