Saturday, July 8, 2017

Epistle to I

So a full moon is lower in the summer sky than a winter one because ecliptic plane.

There is one way. My way. But it’s not a fascist way. Your way will unavoidably vary. Until i see there’s only me, it’s just like tea for two. And that way of the self, by the self, for the self, shall not perish from the self.

Nobody nobody nobody but i, nobody can do (Tao Te Ching) like i do. I was born the day i spoke my name but i'm a pre-existing unconditional and unborn.

The primary egg is never cracked. Every surface fracture is projection. "Honor be to Hiawatha! He has slain the great Pearl-Feather, Slain the mightiest of Magicians, Him, who sent the fiery fever, Sent the white fog from the fen-lands, Sent disease and death among us!"

The primary thought is a secondary character. I shot the Shiva but i did not shoot the deputy. War, children, is just a thought away. What is it god for?

I celebrate myself and sing myself for i am unbelievable! I am writing to forget and remember to forget. If you meet the buddha on the road, love him and leave him, no regrets Coyote.

This is my thirteenth life. This is self-awareness. There is no final judgment, Michelangelo. There is a final question, Maharaj. Will i still be myself tomorrow?

Like the distant fireworks in my ear tonight. I provide the play-by-play projection. Gravity is the first sign of duality and the last refuge of religion.

Freedom is another word for nothing left but i. Self-reliance isn't of the world. Stripers or perch, stripers or perch, stripers or perch.

I have a question. Why does it take 20 minutes for night vision to kick in? How long does it take to unlearn what one was taught? Always be be deconstructing. Drive Furthur, Cynthia.

All religions talk to you. Not i. I am not your matrix. P.S. I love you.


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