Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Entitled No Name for Tao

Unknow. And know.
Put your babbling where your brook is.
The mind can deconstruct. Only the heart can unincorporate.

Sunset. Sunrise.
A sudden southern total solar eclipse in August.
The dark side of the moon only appears in a certain light.

Belief befall.
The empire of July and August is divided by December.
The varieties of rain. The spectrum of sunlight.

Science is just another new religion.
Real mythologies know there is no answer.
Between infinity and nothing is an open zero.

Listening to one, I get the zero.
Gazing at all, I feel full.
O! And m is the thirteenth letter of this post-progressive sudden and spontaneous phenomenon.

For every enlightened soul, an insect bites.

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