Monday, July 17, 2017

Dreaming as if July is Alive

If the car is like the body and the steering wheel is like the mind, who is driving? Note: the passenger is but a dream.

One's conditioning is like a well-oiled perpetual motion machine—until unconditional love is raining cats and dogs and beautiful babies.

I am nobody but love is what I am. Call me the song of self-awareness. Belief is disease but love is not a cure.

I have seen the best identify with deconstruction but the only identity is love and identity is not the best.

Love the ones I love. Surrender all ideas about some universal love. Four years is critical. Seven years is apocalyptic.

Pay the electric bill. Buy spring water. It's either karma or nothing. Otherwise, everything is unbelievable.

The art of being human is the fact of following my love. The god of all conditioning requires your insignificant sacrifice, earthling.

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