Saturday, June 10, 2017


That I am not I am is the ultimate deconstructing neti neti koan psalm and parable. Holy apparition Batman, it's hard to believe but it's all good. Awareness isn't self-aware without the spelling of unawareness.

An unconscionable thing happens on the way of consciousness. And forgiveness is another way of saying I forgot. Turn on, bleach, and repeat.

Wood frogs before fireflies. Poetry before lightning bugs. Janis before swine. Here's another piece of my heart.

One great love exploding into disco balls. Or Jackie Wilson Said. Kingdom of Heaven. Red Queen of Wonderland. Awareness being self-aware. Get over it.

Length, width, and depth are the names of one dimension. Here without thirst. Now without a second. It's neither do what you love or love what you do—Love Does. Just try to understand.

June and the north is jumping. I don't know but Alaska. Form is transformation and emptiness is climate change.

Time  abbreviates. Space amplifies. Alton Bay and reds. The slow loud sounds of a summer night. In the egg. Not of the mescaline.

That one night of falling stars over midnight half moon lake. Silent night. Black hole night. All for one and one for all.

Of the moon. Not in the watery half moon. Frogs before crickets. June before August. Wooly Bully.

By being anything imaginable, I know what I’m not. Of firecrackers and the mouths of frogs. Something this way Moby Dick.

To be now or not, that is self-inquiry. Listen. Do you want to know the secret? Great intent is doing like a pendulum does.

A light year is like the speed of unawareness being self-aware. You will know division by the hat it wears. Love the one you're with as if yourself because why not?

Arjuna is the way of the warrior. Krishna is the way of the lover. Even the Gita is a koan.

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