Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wood by Frogs

Being is the center of all candy.
Candy temporarily stops thought.
It's like material meditation.
Swallow only after tasting being.
The point of being is
forgetting and the point of this
forgetting is self-awareness.

Forgetting is dreaming.
Dreaming is that which never forgets.
Thought is all about survival. Not being.
Thought is to fear as love is to being
as paranoia is to paradox.
Render unto love your being
is the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Listen. The world is the ultimate hack.
The antidote is always love.
It's not about dying before dying
but being through the fear.
Never believe.
Self-inquiry is the only doctorate.
Listen. The Powwow River

falling over original rocks—
this is always Native America.
Drop body-mind. Be Hopi.
And the Hopi know their martyrs.
No pictures please.
It takes seventeen
syllables to break the code.

Earth wind and fire!
I hear fireworks like thunder
on the beach tonight.
There's an eastern wind.
Variety is the revolution.
Being is the flag.
Wood frogs.

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