Monday, March 6, 2017

The news

I read the news today and everything is wild.
It's like some gateless Watergate.
The past repeats itself because
It's better now than late.

Climate change or altered consciousness is the call.
A Navajo woman once told me her people just follow the climate
No matter where it leads them.
The Tao is all about being one with transformation too.

It's all a reality show when you think the show is all about reality.
All is in the eyes of pure awareness dreaming.
It only takes a thought to kill eternity.
Without a doubt, all is unborn and undying.

I am the light and you are my projection.
Let's not make it personal.
The loving holy spirit of intentional self-awareness is in your DNA.
The material is parasitical but awareness is self-aware.

Dreaming or deep sleep is just another call.
We are approaching that which is lost during translation.
Being, presence, self-awareness, love, life, universal consciousness, this
Simple knowledge of the great unknown.

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