Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Great Blue Devotional Beyond


To love awareness is self-awareness and self-awareness is
the apocalyptic revelation of awareness.

For being is the only love and being is the only knowledge
and being is the only universe of self-awareness.

Accordingly to love awareness is to know awareness
and to know awareness is to be awareness
and to be awareness is this self-awareness, love.


Listen, conditioning is the canvas
one is purchasing with deconstruction—
the dreaming is the painting is the art of self-awareness.

Buddha may have said it better in the sutras
but no one reads them for the stories anymore.

Yesterday I heard the red-winged blackbirds first
and then I saw them saying soon I’ll hear the peepers in the wetlands—
being being being


Of all the space-time
in all being
in Awareness,
she walks into mine—

open eyes of an infant,
fantasies of seven billion people,
deep sleep of the light fantastic.

To reiterate, an early morning pond,
Blue Ridge Mountains
and a country love song.

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