Wednesday, March 8, 2017

satori on the merrimack

inscription. all the world's fake news
and all the men and women merely phonies.

foreword. lucidly dream as if one is manifestly
universal consciousness and not the individual person

one is conditioned to think one is—
like an open head engorging its intuitive tale.

introduction. visionary declensions:
lucid, crystalline, bright, and incandescent.

if she dances, it's true.
fission is a vision but fusion is disillusion.

chapter one. note to self: act as if i am what i know i am
rather than what i think i am. embodying the ouroboric

in the form of a being. and in this revelation,
the old day is the new night.

chapter two. this is the old deep math:
the process is in seven steps per the law of three

where eight is infinite
and two is an unreal number.

the snake that swallows its tail, the holy spirit,
the holy ghost, and a deep transformative image.

when a falling angel goes to grab your arm,
don't turn it sideways so she falls into the sea.

chapter three. never mind
and a monkey’s tail.

embodiment in spirit
disembodied ghost.

consciousness is the dreaming
in deep images.

chapter four. while walking along the river on march eighth,
the sun suddenly feels real.

but at that moment a fifty-year-old memory of half moon lake
suddenly arises and like i'm real real gone.

this i know must be that so-called profound revelation,

seeing the essential, first stage samadhi,
or satori on the merrimack.

afterword. between the subtle moments
besides a mountain pond

and the sudden sea,
it takes a river.

Nisargadatta calls it I Am.
don’t try to follow—

it will take you in
to the beyond.


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