Saturday, March 11, 2017

esoteric incantation


All bodies may be separate but there's one thing that i know—every voice is my voice.

In the beginning was the word and all you need is love and love is all you need.

Duality is dumb and dumber—keep on the sunny side and we'll be lovers once again.

It's like marketing is the greatest of dead ends but the grateful dead is always word of mouth

like knock knock knocking on that gateless gate.

All i have to do is dream dream dream dream.

My head is just this cosmic vision and my tail is just its universal feeling.

In this song, pure awareness has become that being like a mirror is an object for my growing self-awareness now

as if awareness being self-aware is binary as being one is knowing zero and vice versa.

Suffering is the school of my illusion.

Deconstructing one's conditioning is my so-called life.

Lucid dreaming is my understanding and nirvikalpi samadhi is the death of me.


between basho and shakespeare is another world

soap opera

where is ouroboros

seventh heaven


meanwhile project projection  

when the student is ready
the teacher appears
to say there's no
one to teach
but my

opening gone now one

red-winged blackbirds      

springtime snow

like daylight savings space-time

blank page

the word i am  

mystery of the chrysalis

instant hurricane         


seven stages is the world

unknown light in quantum post-atomic
living in molecular
organic animated self-awareness

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