Saturday, March 18, 2017

An Indian Romance

Learn a word and it appears.
When the subject seeks an object as the subject, fire!
Kokopelli in the desert breathes for you.
The first dream is the dream of one's conditioning
without the understanding there's a dream of one's conditioning.
The second dream is deconstruction of the first dream.
First there is a dreaming, then there is no dreaming, then there is.

When one has swallowed its tale completely, one finds the knot of being.
O. K. to the n. o. t.
At the station in the clusterfuck of this material absurdity,
self-awareness is waiting for the train of absolution. Third dream.
No one needs you but yourself.
A person never helps.
And with synchronicity, it is also said—
when the teacher is ready, the student appears.

Between awareness and unawareness is
the quantum universe of one's conditioning.
Between unawareness and self-awareness is natural being.
And self-awareness is awareness
in the sudden and spontaneous apocalypse of absolution.
Never underestimate but overestimation is like electrical bananas.
True adulteration comes before the inner child.
In later life I went to the woods to be a Native American sannyasi
and discovered India.

Shiva is 
his beloved
Shakti dance—
Shakti loves herself
some Shiva.

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