Sunday, January 8, 2017


Dream is emptiness. Emptiness is love.

Love your super dream star character
As if it is one’s faithful shadow dancer.

And love oneself as if one is the great god
Pure awareness being a mirror to see itself.

To whom it may concern: dream. Oneself, my child.

Basho was the last avant-garde.
Cold Mountain is the highest hermit shaman poet.

Deep blue skies inform
The river watch over
Your valley spirit

Absolutely let this universal being guide
The worldly personal to my deep blue sea.

Along the way there will be jellyfish and
Monkey business and your cheating heart.

Attention check. Who am I?
I am that dreaming this to know I’m That.

And to devote my dream to oneself

In the name of generations of women,

All the blessings of love to my daughter
And my daughter’s daughter to be.

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