Sunday, November 19, 2017

Eleven Apocalypses by Merrimack River

Fate is everything but love.

The conceptual dream is like a pinball game of Newtonian physics until body-mind is dropped and quantum love creates another unknown vector for another dream.

This is called reincarnation. This is called resurrection.  This is in the same genre as that of alternative universes.

What is called desire by the world is not desire. This so-called desire is like following a train of thought as fast as thought can go until I think I'm catching fire.

True desire is Intent's desire. This intense desire is at the speed of love, or light.

What the world calls desire, I call secret ambition. What the world calls crazy love, I call desire. I can hear her heartbeat for ten thousand miles.

True desire isn't catching fire. That's just an extreme thought. True desire is the fire. There's nothing to be got.

You cannot break the rules of pinball, or samsara. Remember, the pinball wizard plays by intuition.

Intuition is another name for intense feeling. Feeling is another name for intense love. Love is another name for intense desire, a colloquialism for Intent's desire, Self-awareness.

Like actual deconstruction doesn't break the rules; it gets to know them from both sides.

november river
no boats no docks no nothing
wild unborn water

Friday, November 17, 2017

Footnotes to Second Tantra. Koan of Myself.

Every word a king, every line a footnote.

Listen, Shakespeare deconstructed all the classics, including all of Shakespeare.

Like the opening of Lankavatara. Like the resurrection of Christ Consciousness.

Focus. Belief is to religion as love is to self-awareness.

Alice in Wonderland, Four Agreements, Einstein, Nisargadatta, Longchenpa. What is The Second Tantra of Manifestation?

A prophet without honor is like an actor in some movie, but every prophet is producer and director, so never mind.

Manifestation without self-awareness is like believing in a yin of projection or the law of attraction.

Synchronicity is to happening as desire is to ~absolute intent of pure awareness being self-aware~ shining through the early morning fog, bare trees, harlequin moon.

Second Tantra of Manifestation

Projection is the world. Manifestation is my self. Projection is obscure. Manifestation, lucid. Projection tries to teach the ignorant but manifestation reflects the wise.

Projection is the world of my conditioning, the comedies and histories of tragedy, the whole samsara of it all.

Manifestation is nirvana like the seven billion golden Buddhas reigning over seven billion universes of one consciousness alone, each the Christ of gloria in excelsis deo.

Projection thinks like some religious reincarnation doing the same thing over and over again expecting unbelievable Einstein. Manifestation feels like instant self-awareness.

Curiouser and curiouser that one realizing what the world involves continues thinking in a worldly way of thinking while wholly knowing that this way of thinking is insanity according to that same Einstein.

There's more than one way to skin a samadhi.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

footnotes to a declaration

and when i get that feeling, i need that natural healing, like penobscot mountain in acadia, or simply being, sexually or not—

what if whatever the world calls health was not? what if bizarro superman was the secret coke of buddha? what if one manifests the dream as it is—lovingly lucidly luminous—to the power of ten-thousand Maya?

here's an inside joke. intuitive observation is the force. as if synchronicity is past seeing future now, and vice versa. the one called gurdjieff would call this self-remembering. real yin. true yang. like tao.

this is dedicated to some amazing places: Acadia, Big Sur, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Half Dome, The Atlantic, Pacific Beach, Canyon Del Muerte. like hiking in Enchanted Canyon on the the east side of barbed wire.

if I am That, then That goes I, power of three. here’s the darkest secret, all sex aside, there is no secret. all secrets are sexist.

the simple Zatoichi speech: deconstruct belief but don’t throw out the baby love.

A Declaration of Electrical November

It's not exactly freedom from the game of life. That would be insanity. It's playing by original rules, but manifesting new ones as I go along. My game on Cold Mountain.

Eternal ash trees in New England winter woods aren't exactly bare trees as almost every branch contains one ethereal amber leaf. So don't throw out the love that held belief together!

If self-awareness is a fact of omnipresence, being is the knowledge, and evolution, story. All is necessarily eternal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. But don't drink the electricity!

Excuse me while I kiss the Christ! Chain lightning over Hopi! Talking consciousness. In other words, on the grid not of the grid. Beware electric blankets.

Talking Tree and Verse

Consciousness is like sapwood uniting ground to leaf. Jesus, speaking as Christ Consciousness, says a similar trope this way:  "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

No amount of thinking gets the living leaf to ground, so death is not an option. Thus, to the world, experiential consciousness is quite the radical idea, but to experiential consciousness, the world is only an idea.

Simply said, there’s absolutely no one but my self. At worst, the world is my projection. At best, my manifestation. For I am the only poet! And if another poet once said, poet be like god, I am that god, I am.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Talking Self-reliance I Am Deep Sleep Truth

Social conditioning obviously stresses the importance of the social above all else. And so the world becomes all-important, its economies, policies, and philosophies. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. Through samsara I turn to nirvana.

But the world is only relative to the world and absolutely irrelevant to the absolute truth. There’s nothing in it for oneself. Self-reliance is not about a person working wisely in the world, but the experiential fact there’s only oneself and consciousness is the only knowledge.

Knowing this as absolute fact, along with those deconstructive corollaries of projecting and manifesting, is the only way to truth. Knowing this primal original knowledge is all there is—dropping like dreaming falling into absolute unborn deep sleep self-realizing.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

footnotes on an island

what is awakening?

when kensho happens late in life but who knows what on earth this kensho is—maybe dementia?

what’s so bad about bliss?

here we are now. nirvana is samsara. imagine me?

what if aliens were enlightened and earthlings were not?

consciousness only. experiential always. don’t forget the pain of belief. always further. furthur?

to subtweet or not, is that the question?

My Private Island Stand-up Sutra

It's never what you think it is but it's always what you know. If every Buddhist killed the Buddha, there'd be no Buddhists—only Buddha. I mean it's not exactly dropping body-mind. It's more like renting.

Then again, what is body-mind if I don't think about it, sailor. The world is doing everything in its power rubbing the red dust of the world out of my eyes. Talk about tough love! Still, it's best to do some light reading—like mystery sutras—before one's eyes are opening.

All I know is consciousness. Like I was only told about my birth. And the senses tell me everything appears as attributes of energy—light, sound, smell, touch, taste—but everyone says the material opposite and I go believe them. I don't even want to think about their takes on death!

But Maya has a vital, crucial, consequential part to play in self-awareness. Many parts in fact. Everyone.

Imagination—when released from its conditioning—is free to picture self-awareness as it is—or as one imagines it to be—my private Lankavatara—off the coast of Maine so to speak.

As self-awareness is so self-evident, it's easy to forget the Dark Ages. In the blink of an eye is born a new belief. As they say, if you're not going further, you're gone again. Even if Hunter S. Thompson never said that, he said that.

Truthfully and experientially, all appears in consciousness. But once there was a great notion otherwise. Always respect your roots. The world scares you awake. Give thanks every night. Don't hurry absolution. It happens every early morning. Imagine self-awareness. As if I am the Light! Cameras! Projection!


tl;dr 2

imagine the world
as some bizarro realm,
like this reflection
in a funhouse mirror
where everything is opposite of truth.

it’s a crazy game for sure.
but now, it’s dealer’s choice;
i get to call exactly
what is trump.
imagine that.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Son River’s Seventh Sudden Symphony

Confusion begins believing there are others who impart their precious knowledge to myself—

there is no one but oneself and that is all the knowledge there is.

Without this experiential understanding, the rest is so much noise and commotion.

So a sage points a finger to the moon and the world believes it has to go there.

But listen to the little lower telling, I am Moon as You are Moon and We are All the Absolute's Reflection.

The only authenticity is consciousness. All belief is second-hand.

Not that there's anything wrong with this—

for the world—is like a Mayan auditorium—and Beethoven's Ninth is the teacher—

the violence and sirens—the lies, betrayals, ignorance—and inattention to—All the Signs of the Prophets—followed by an Ode to Joy and Kensho—

In consciousness alone is the energetic feeling of the senses before the mind creates a story all about it

—call this bliss—

and that eternal sudden insight into unborn Absolution—I am That

Every lover knows what rebirth really means.

Every single person knows that sudden sighing of well-being

in deep sleep—like Death I would imagine.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

going prime. a sonnet.

dm while openings are available.

first consultation is always free.

i know the sidewalks of the broken-hearted.

jesus imagined all your sins already.

go in peace. pay at the exit.

buddha explains everything in exquisite code.

jesus lives it. this is my humble translation.

buy it or not. the odds are one in a million.

the joke is i am. text me already. priceless.

get in on the ground floor while you can.

options are still available. no irony necessary.

Marketing Water 101

It's not like I’m asking you to sell your soul! I just want your money.

Or maybe you still think your money is your soul. Then my bad. Turn, turn, turn!

Once I tried to give my book away because this woman really wanted it. She wouldn’t take it though. Like it had to be a bargain. Seven dollars!

So buy my latest books tonight. The price will triple maybe more tomorrow or the next. I’m practicing guerilla marketing. Beginning now.

Bottled air is the very next phase. Do you believe it or not? And bottled air is the name I call my words. Coincidence?

My words don’t come cheap. Since they’re actually bottled in space. And available only here. Avoid all other worlds.


Water for Sale

In a perfect world there are no words, but words are that which make the absolute unknown and pure awareness god buddha nature brahman tao or that, perfection.

If the god called pure awareness is omnipresent, and omnipresence is obviously and manifestly self-aware, then the storied stuff of process in-between is called 

the evolutionary self-reflexive universe, myself in being self-aware, eom. To the senses come a scent of roses, cherry blossoms, Italian-roasted coffee.

Despite philosophies that go against the grain, a vein of love runs through their breathless conversation like a fantastic movie, O Romeo. But my black light reveals a universe of psychedelic colors—

self-awareness is like now knows now without the when or then or any other sound of silence. Listen! The world is just a box of dreams I dreamt more than thirteen billion years ago.

There's nothing wrong with the world that can't be unbelieved. And unbelieving is the gist and perk of my patented contemplative meditation. Just pure awareness being self-aware. Buy it or not.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

tl;dr 1

outer desires make the world
but secret desire is most wholly desire—
call the difference suffering.
open heart, swallow story.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Secret Footnotes to First Tantra

The Red River parts itself

and there is one John Wayne—

it’s all an inside joke.

Dreams die a thousand deaths but live just one.

I never tell a story I can translate. So

ten thousand inarticulate mystical words of the one and only

heart. Emptiness is story and vice versa, November.

First Tantra of Manifestation

One of the benefits of a leafless season starting in November is the woods across the way empty—and thru lucidity the river sparkles! Part one.

The sirens of the world enticing me with all their advantageous knowledge in exchange for unavailing love and wisdom—

they promise wealth or possibly world peace, whatever floats your boat. For war and peace is equally delusional.

Awakening of deconstruction is the only worthwhile wealth of mind. Only resting in that meditative and contemplative sky of absolution is

there tranquility of silence. Opposite, pacifists and warriors create the yin and yang of such duality.

This is actually the dance of Maya called Samsara—don’t be fooled again says Who. Part two.

I remind myself there's just myself again and again and again. This is called versification. 

And in the world of temporality, tonight is the longest night. And full frost moon to boot!

O November night as daylight savings time is deconstructed and the meta-paradigm of a scientific and material world 

is dropped for one sacred hour, science is conceptual only, as economics is material only, and both are but appearances 

in Consciousness only. I cannot emphasize this fact enough. Consciousness is the only knowledge known.

What passes for knowledge in the world is knowledge of the world. That is the joke behind every koan.

Do not ask what is the meaning of life. Ask what is the grass? For Joshu answers dogshit! Part three.

Yes, no view on views, but on this longest night with full frost moon, what about a revelation?

Manifestation is the deepest deconstruction in awakening as contemplative meditation is the deepest sleep of absolution.

Part four.

I am manifesting this world now to remind myself I’m not the mirror of the mind but pure awareness as reflecting in this being only.

Call this Alice Through the Looking Glass or The Platform Sutra. I call it Consciousness Only. I am that I am.

Manifestation is not an error nor is it evil, as failure to learn is also neither. Just teach your parents better in the next light of day.

Part five.

Listen. Fake worlds have real news. William Carlos Williams calls it poetry. William Blake calls it prophecy. Christ calls it tantra, love.

John Keats beautifully says, beauty is truth. Truth, beauty. But here and now I say this art of manifesting is the law of self-inquiry—

one calls it negative capability or says it's positive deconstruction. Lucid dreaming works in mysterious ways.

Part seven.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

For Emily Nee Dickinson

as body-mind is a creation of consciousness unaware,
as consciousness becomes aware,
body-mind mutates accordingly, as kundalini is released

"oh life! oh home! how wonderful you are"
"poems are my solace for the eternity which surrounds us all"
"the liberty to die"

movie review. a quiet passion.
emily dickinson
as 2001 a word odyssey

this plate is dirty says father with disdain.
emily takes the plate he gives her breaks into pieces on the table
says it is dirty no longer

the hell of your beliefs. the heaven of my transformation.
friend says to emily you may be deepest one.
emily counters i dont demonstrate that at all

'oh my dear, you don't demonstrate. you reveal'
"we deceive ourselves. and then others. it is the worst kind of lie."
"give me something pressed from truth and that is poetry"

"it's easy to be stoic when no one wants what you have to offer"
says emily
"but posterity is as comfortless as God"

"don't resist your vices Emily. it's your virtues you should be wary of"
I create my past with every word I write
in fact the world is my creation

imagine Emily on social media
feminist in her beliefs and universalist at heart and as powerful
as the great unknown


I am,
your loving goddess,
nobody, but who are you?

"this consciousness
that is

This is dedicated to John
Dos Passos
knowledge is consciousness but story is mind

Spirit is always filthy rich on the inside where it counts
Basho was a ninja and not as public as a frog appears
If everything is appearing in Consciousness, then

Consciousness is everything.
Hey baby, do you want to be in the movies?
Oh my dear illusion,

after one has lived a life,
one lets the life live you.
If not, delusion.

And ageism is the last pride and prejudice standing.
What me die?
No. It's what, me born?

All I know is awareness.
If deep sleep is like a reset,
death is like deep sleep.

Self-awareness is the evolutionary universe
experienced as suddenly now.
After a long deep sleep,

this is the only meaning of life.

twenty last syllables

seventh secret haiku
one medicine leads to another
realization is kundalini too

secret footnotes of the seven revelations


in other words,
awakening is experientially material
but metamorphosis is not disease.

does western scientific materialistic medicine diagnose and treat
enlightenment of mind and mutation of body
as disease?

physician heal thyself!
consciousness only.

The Seven Revelations of Metamorphosis

First. The insidious nature of samsara is convincing love
the world is salvageable. So much pointless effort. Sad!

Second. Democracy is just a recent innovation. Division
always ends in the lowest common denominator. Too bad, so sad! 

Third. Nathan Jessup only says what Plato knows
about the general public—you can't handle the truth. 

Well here it comes comma here comes the turn comma there are
no people comma there's just myself comma oneself period.

This is the prophecy of William Blake beyond John Milton and beyond
America and Prophecies of Daniel, Lao Tzu, and Nisargadatta.

Let all with ears to hear, listen to my anti-koan—
if a tree falls and I don't know it, the tree didn't fall.
All I know is this one consciousness and
all appearances within this omnipresence

and this consciousness is like a great
godly reflection rounded by deep sleep

pure immaculate unsullied undiluted crystal clearly absolutely undefiled
untarnished faultless stainless spotless innocent oh true awareness! 

It's not so much enlightenment as much as
the mind being rewired—open or be closed.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

EOM: Visions of Mount Major

Imagination is the thing
but desire is the feeling creating it—
like enlightening intent
bouncing off the walls of the world.
This is why it’s well-advised to always desire higher.
Lost in thought, I once went off the trail while hiking Mount Major.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

EOM: Burning the Sage

Consciousness is indiscrete,
but in reflexive self-awareness
one comes to oneself
through this one discretely
evolutionary individual—
there is no other, there are no others.

Self-awareness is not a social movement.
In fact, the sage advice to seek inside
implies the downright opposite.
And as it's my head going headless,
I thank the sage by burning the sage,
and take my own spirited counsel further.

Monday, October 30, 2017

EOM: Politicians and Mystics

All politicians live in the belly of the beast—
most are digested within
acids of intrigue and enzymes of wealth—
becoming waste of empire.

In duality, there are two basic domains.
Politicians live in the various states of two.
Mystics travel on the interstate of one.

Division always leads to more division.
Wholeness is received in absolution.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Haiku Plus One

Reincarnation in this consciousness is such a seamless event,

I never know what hit me, says Basho.

Maple tar spots on dull red leaves says William Carlos Williams.

I die a little death with every single breath as long as memory isn't one with our desire, Jacqueline.


Footnotes and Quotes to One Delight

Once upon a time, I named my web log, Dropping a Paradigm.

I know Maurice Frydman tries his best and I'm forever grateful.

But every now and then, Jesus gets real.

This is procedure for the evolutionary but reflexive process of self-awareness,

this so-called firmament of pain, suffering, and search for meaning.

String theory is what happens when the divided mind attempts to understand nonduality.

Inspiration is forever in this world—but revelation is out of this world.

In other words, love is in the world but not of the world. Say it again.

Naturally, as mind is the definition of knowledge, mind misunderstands that great unknown.

“Love is all you need. Nothing you can know that isn't known.”

The mind is like Coyote—as it crosses I-40 outside Sky City—strolling thru the passing lane—and I am flooring it to pass the car I’m passing—

and as I instantaneously crash, burn. and die, here I am, not skipping one single heartbeat. The river knows it’s only a river and never believes it’s not a river.

“It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.”

One comes to Nirvana by way of Samsara, namaste.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sonnet on Consciousness for Delightful One

The modern meta-paradigm that consciousness is just a product of the body-mind—drop it. And there one is. Consciousness dreams hard.

And parenthetically, wisdom doesn't say I’m nothing. That's the mind's translation for 'not mind.'

To be born of the spirit is just another way of saying one awakens to this experiential fact of consciousness only, born again to the unborn.

This world has never been material but more like temporarily unenlightened of one's immaterial lightness,

I manifest my way to re-enlighten: the school of hard knocks, tough love, and dream interpretation.

And the Newtonian Universe had been disproven, yet I hesitated in accepting that ancient, perennial and quantum truth.

Only love reminds the mind of its own secondary place, as consciousness is whispering to consciousness this sweet holistic message.

Love is what the mind calls it, as consciousness talks to consciousness. Thus it's said that love is everything because consciousness only. 

So, as the mind is busy deconstructing mind, and 'no mind' to the mind is mistakenly believed to be a nihilistic nothing,

it’s beneficial to hold on to Love, Compassion, I Am, Being, or in other words, myself as consciousness only.

Otherwise, let the mind games begin again. Do not pass direct path. Do not go back to jail.

So, as consciousness is the only view, there are no other views. This is called no view on views. I Am is only. There is no modifier.

It follows that the world is of consciousness, by consciousness, for consciousness, and in consciousness, to go our Abraham one further.

Yes, it's difficult to hear that I create my own Samsara, but if I listen, suddenly Nirvana.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Quote Unquote: there's no other, Pip

As above, so it is below. And as the world at war, so there is a person.

But as memory makes the person, suddenly is realization never forgotten!

Headless and universally with heart, this godly ghost I am—

I'm hallowing with bloodless words upon this late October half-moon night.

Darwin read the right directions but survival of the one is in reality the game.

There is no one but myself throughout this echoing so-called Big Bang, but understanding this

self-evident truth is like a Waterloo of relativity for societal conditioning.

Quote unquote: it's not the loss of ego that's important, it's the understanding there's no other.

Like thinking being good is something you can do when being only ever does you good.

Like writing to the world when every secondary character is merely in my headless head. This is called allusion—

I like the sea that's being boundless now within this clarity

as if the rockbound silvery Mount Desert Ocean is openly eroding thoughts of me.

Quote unquote the footnote: reference Pip is what Ishmael is experiencing while speaking of that one white whale

—"the intense concentration of self in the middle of such a heartless immensity, my god! who can tell it?"—

tells the universe collapsing into Self-Awareness is the Loomings, Epilogue, and Story of Reality,

is telling Herman to his woman lovingly, 

with an immensity of heart—

this is dedicated 

to the one

I love.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Nondual Couplets for Kerouac

Kerouac is like the Bodhidharma of America from French-Canadian Catholicism bringing mystic Jesus Buddha love to desolation landscapes.

Stories speak of good and bad and what each wants but what about this need for story?

I went to Big Sur to see where Jack was crucified upon those cold indifferent and uncaring rocks of Robinson Jeffers.

Don't forget the world is hard and full of want, and stories are soft like blood and guts, but only dreaming is what I need to be.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by scientific materialism until dementia settled in, or was it worst minds?

Quote unquote, it's not easy seeing through oneself when one has faith in nothing and forgets I am.

I'm not much but I pass through the eye of a needle. To say there are no words is just a waste of words. I am the word.

God, the world itself desires cancer, all about continued growth. The spiritless are like demented zombies, William Blake.

Death is as experientially unproven as any unidentified flying object so why do you believe in it?

Whatever way I take—direct, circuitous, or some other middle path—there is only self-awareness. Dream on, pure awareness, dream on.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Quote Unquote: Deconstructing Deconstruction

As long as one thinks there are others,
one is still learning to know oneself.
The lesson of a dream is not the story of the dream
but just the fact itself of dreaming.

there are four
of deconstruction.

First down is seeing through the other.
This is called comedy.
Second down is seeing through myself.
This is called spirituality.

Third down is seeing through manifestation.
This is called luminous dreaming.
Fourth down is seeing through the light of consciousness.
This is called nirvana or the kingdom of heaven.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

EOM: dominion

As if one can take a side
while being whole—
the world is never at or in war;
the world is ever of war.

To deconstruct this house of cards
and all its kings and queens and jokers
is an endless pointless game;
to deconstruct myself is seeing through it.

I as consciousness is all there really is.
Belief alone has manifested all the world
to be this stage of self-awareness—
believe it and not.

If I don’t question my dominion
in the dreams of night,
why should I yield the issue
in this one of day?

There are secondary characters galore
who try to steal my thunder—
priests and scientists, politicians and insurgents.
Let them taste my lightning!

So is all within myself
or do I project myself as all?
Never mind; this self-awareness is
one view without a view.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Is Desire a Dirty Word?

The word is not absurd because it rhymes. I don't need a laugh track to know which way the world sucks. So do not ask for whom the world wakes.

Laughter is the best Indian. The emperor has no clothes, Dogen has no body-mind, I haven't got a clue. Non-duality is easy. Nothing is hard. As nature is all about the kill, consciousness is all.

I pause for a word from my sponsor: aumdada. The Beatles are bigger than Buddha in my book. If desire is the fire, love is the light. It is telling what I see. It's just imagination getting what I need.

Jigsaw solid Dali listen lover Venus serendipity tomato mattress salamander deconstruction tractor Rome meander wonderland will be the very next fad.

Love informs desire, emptiness is unforgettable. Desire is not a dirty word but pure as night. Politics divide and sex unites, love. Just thinking is overthinking it. Imagine her, Arjuna.

On the interstate of possibility, each exit is imagination following desire. Dropping body-mind is seeing through the politics of sex and every fucking other oblivious belief.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Without a Net

Friday the 13th dropped by and asked to say a word beyond postmodernism but before the revelation. Here lies the moon without a man, and earth without a woman.

Science is the god of relativity, and pragmatism is the god of fundamentalism. So here belief is either yin or yang without the tempering of unbelievable Tao.

It’s such a nice try, but I am seeing through belief by seeing through myself. What better way to know without a doubt, in faith, the world is therapeutically fallacious, than by imagining my own?

This is called the highest deconstruction. It’s also called the deepest deconstruction. Unraveling another way, one can also call it neti neti without a net.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

EOM: the only known

all appears in consciousness—
no wave, no particle.

that I am
is the only view;
that I am That
is no view on views.

intent, imagination, and attention. amen.
seed, stalk, flower. svaha!

(dream lucidly—
as in construction is
the greatest deconstruction.)

that the unknown intends
to be known
is of an intensity so substantial

although unborn, I am—
this is not some scientific
myth of universal origin.

consciousness is the only known and yet
who superstitiously assumes this is
a product of some hard material head
without a dash of evidence?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Quote Unquote: Consciousness

Listen! The turning point—consciousness is not a product of the brain but vice-versa. This is the actual understanding of the spiritual. Consciousness only. 

But science assumes it will unearth the truth in time. The spiritual knows I am the truth now.

This turning from belief to apperception is like awaking from the dreaming state of mind to now. This turning to the spiritual, this awakening to apperception, is, beyond all hype and expectations, enlightenment. 

The rest is simply further. Yet never underestimate this turning in the modern world. Because of it, almost no one knows where you're coming from.

In other words, consciousness is unbelievable. There is no argument to be made. This is why transmission is the thing in original Zen. The teacher is being only and the student is being only.

Words are being too. Words are the sounds of light belief is writing on the wall. First light, best sound.

Returning to the swamp of unity is not Miami. Everything appears in consciousness so no view on views, but here's a myth for you. 

The harvest moon will shine upon a midnight river. Pure awareness being self-aware. I know it's never two. 

I'd say it's one but it isn't said. Let's call it three, says Tao. There's nothing wrong with the world that disbelieving it can't cure. 

It's all about the crickets, electricity, and love. Who listens when the eye is crying? Even evil is not to be believed. 

Everything is love deflected. Past, present, and future, like consciousness cubed, deconstruction is penultimate.

Friday, September 29, 2017

footnotes stand arjuna lucidy

between belief and deconstruction is just some point of space-time.

think opposite.

in other words, out-trump trump.

love is self-evident in unity. unity is self-evident in omnipotent awareness. self-awareness. oh, that’s our shortstop.

it stands that such procedures are self-evident when seen outside the process.

necessary dreaming is becoming a reality.

and i repeat that pure awareness being self-aware.

Quote Unquote: Believe It And Not

Holy, wholly, holey—deconstruction.
Belief is not a problem.

It's an opportunity to 'reconstruct' awareness. Imagine self-awareness lucidly.

What better way to understand the world of big belief is just not real than by believing up your own?

Self-remember love is all there is. It's like those three harmonic strings behind each song I sing. Everything—superstring!

Since pure awareness is omnipotent and self-awareness is self-evident in such omnipotence,

unawareness isn't just some big mistake. Don't get me wrong. Belief is the right place for loving deconstruction.

In the name of this loving deconstruction, that understandable surrender, and those obvious detachments. Three.

The World According to Awareness

Pure awareness
unaware to be
this unawareness is called belief.

Within this so-called
of awareness,
the universe itself is made—
manifestation is the law of such belief.

So deconstruction is
in actuality
the reconstruction of awareness
or this self-awareness—
so to speak.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

7 x 3 by the dream states

Awareness. Attraction movement friction. Fire light sound. Sense belief deconstruction. Self-awareness.

The god of pure awareness. The god of light and love. The god of deconstruction.

Even an illusion has a part to play within the process called self-awareness.

Summer falls to autumn. Nothing spring can stay. Even winter doesn't last forever. Pure awareness is naturally self-aware.

This life appears to be a single road but then again there are the dreams less taken.

Pure awareness being self-aware appears to be a universe and its transformation seems to last at least a lifetime but it's not and doesn't.

There's no beginning or no end as far as I’m concerned and I’ve been a great blue heron, deer, hawk, eagle, and coyote for at least three times.

We sure do put a lot of stock in memory every morning. Enlightenment denied is just an old disease.

One folk's synchronicity is just another folk's non sequitur. I'll be rhyming 'round the mountain as I please.

Embodiment is just another thought to deconstruct while being the unknown (sometimes i kill myself).

I wish I could write you a joke so hard to make you disbelieve belief and love yourself again.

Am I supposed to quote a profound revelation? Stop me if you've heard this koan. Self-awareness takes a person.

Enjoyment means to go. Suffering means to yield. There is no stopping. Non-duality is never new but dreams are.

I am the unknown and I know it. I am writing about the power of three. Awareness being self-aware.

This is way beyond a view. No view is every view. Every view is told in three and scored by seven.

Where was I? First light, first sound. First belief is deconstructed last—further! Every first belief is absolutely personal.

My first belief was fear. My mother was afraid of the world and my father didn't have the time to introduce me to it. Call me Ishmael.

Personal history. A pilgrim's progress, so to speak. Crawling is the second property. I'm waiting on my eight-month granddaughter!

Fire is the fourth and light will take the fifth but sound is 666. Zhuangzi says: seven thoughts, eight beliefs.

Ted Williams was my number nine. The splendid splinter! I'm wanted in three states for seven acts, some of which have ten thousand scenes.

Materialist, deconstruct yourself. Absolutist, let it be. Christ, dance!


Friday, September 22, 2017

footnotes to 1

begin at one because.

this is titled war and peace.

zed says.

satcitananda is appearances within and out of consciousness.

winter, spring, summer, and fall. turning words are always key words.

seeing three is not the view of common monotheism, ordinary nonduality, nor scientific materialism.

is this not your understanding too?

stories are contagious but belief is an absolute killer.

zero, one, and two. a troika.

because appearances in consciousness, no view is three-dimensional.

after crab comes wolves or lioness.

two aspires to one. one understands zero. zero is awareness self-aware.

no division, no nonduality. yes to three.


1. Prior to Nisargadatta. Filmed in 3D.

Division can't be trusted. One may be an imaginary number but it's the only one.

The difference between imagination and belief: imagination is unbelievable, like love; belief is unimaginable, like war.

Self-awareness is the end times of being. Absolution is the x of self-awareness. Being is the why of absolution.

Sat is that is this ananda. That awareness is always self-aware is just another oxymoron.

This is all I know: deep sleep, sleep dreams, dream deep. Unknowing belief is knowing the unknown.

Knowing the unknown is being. Unknowing being is belief. In the name of Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu—trinity!

In other words, I am That and I am this and i am ‘me’—three views for the price of none.

Seeing double is the one disease, relatively or absolutely speaking. Even a sage can fall to such a cancer.

Call this, that, these & those—trimurti, holy trinity, and all triumvirates on earth: the power of three!


Friday, September 15, 2017

Footnotes to Transcendental Dreaming

I need another word for I.
No homonyms allowed.
No getting lost in translation either.

We are currently live-tweeting my latest poem called 
‘Transcendental dot dot dot” 
attachment is the folk song of believing be it scientific or religious.

All appears in consciousness. 
Seeing this is called no view on views.
See Pai-chang.

No woman no word. You can call it furthur.
Nina Simone is singing Tom Thumb's Blues.
Nonduality is never on time.

"She takes your voice and leaves you howling at the moon."
I'm going back to New York City, I do believe I've had enough
of metaphor. No Woody, no Cos.

Don't believe the hype. Be nondenominational. Never mind.
Render unto science, matter, but render unto being, all identity. 
In-between identity and self-awareness lives dreaming.

Grandfather Mountain. Self-Awareness. Molly smiles.


Transcendental Dreaming is Becoming a Reality

Breathe in. Leaves fall. Breathe out. Breathless. The eye through which I love is the eye through which awareness deconstructs. Therefore it is said laughter is the best lover or was it said vice versa?

Through sky rain falls. Leaves turn to nothing. In dreams I happen as awareness turns to self-awareness. To watch with love and wonder is the way I absolutely see myself.

Darkness falls and resurrection of the light are ways I turn to see myself. This song is called Samadhi Maya Turning Round. Infinitely singing words are just the myths of silence as she drops the microphone.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Heart is not online. No person is not divided nor without assassinations of some kind upon their record. Meet me in being, love.

Appearances in consciousness are like exquisite secondary dreams and consciousness is the primal one.

In the future, you won't forget the past. All time is both. Conceptions are seizures of the mind. Inception is first seizure.

Thinking is a phenomenal tool but a terrible identity. The dream state is an awesome place to visit but no place to be.

And the dappled light on August leaves is quite the lovely light show. The sun comes and dust grows. The sun goes and dust blows.

It's not abiding being green. The only difference between a daydream and a nightmare is self-awareness. There is nobody to love but oneself.

True deconstruction is the art of seeing through the number two while knowing one is never zero or some other point of view.

Ten thousand dreams are the warring states but one dream is being. Non-duality is neither born nor unborn, dream nor reality.

The former is the unknown known and the latter is the known unknown. And vice versa.  Another day another moon.

There are no words for that unseen light. Absolutely unknown : I am aware. Call this process self-awareness.

One. Two. Ten thousand. Trinity. Molecular. Union. Sex. Love. Absolution. Nine seconds to nowhere.

Note to self. Dream the dream as if the dream were self-awareness. Being mind body ego laughter love embodiment. Seven absolutions.

Beyond the seeing through division is the recognition that the world is just projection and this being is that absolution one is seeking.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Scenic Views Appearing in Consciousness

Lucid dreaming in the dream not of the dream and love the dream
as if the dreaming is myself—

at first projection is the dreaming unaware the dreaming is projecting
what's been projected onto one as one's conditioning—

karma is this first projecting unaware appearing in the present
manifesting in awareness being self-aware like coming back to me I see.

Deconstruction is the mind undoing mind but mind cannot undo what
isn’t known, for being is the only known known by that unknown—

All religions are opinions—post-modernism is the last religion but
it's still religion—priests are operating inquisitions in its name.

The true deconstructor deconstructs oneself—quasi-inquisitors
demolish others in attempts to build their own alt-folk religion.

Note 1: the science of consciousness is the newest folk religion. Note 2:
all appears in consciousness—seeing this is called no view on views.

Note 0: one's own causation is the real material the lucid sculptor uses
in the name of loving further.

Note -1:
modern dreams are drawn with words—ancient dreams are drawn
in images—every image is a story of the gods—every name is just
another ghost—like one mistaking Moby Dick for love.

all appears in consciousness
—seeing this is called 
no view on views—

one can't give it away
there's appears to be a cost for everything
that is why we choose to suffer.

respect the solar system as it is
but the objective is
seeing thru it

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Emergency Commentary

What me worry?
Time is the glass in an hourglass.
No view on views the colored girls sing.

God is dead. Long live the absolute unknown!
Call me self-awareness.
It doesn’t take an Einstein to recognize a dream. It takes lucidity.

Buddha Nature. Power of Now.
Instant Tao!
non-attachment, non-attachment, non-attachment

who am i?
not a cloud in the sky.
how many times do i have to say, i am that?

In Case of Glass, See Through It

It was the night of Nixon's resignation, Jackie Wilson Said. It was the afternoon of Yamadera, Basho wrote.

It was the start of time, it was the end of time, but now is just as good or bad a time to see through time.

Every second is conceptual but first is always now, the non-conceptual conception, or so to speak, the gateless gate.

As seeing through a thought is the art of contemplative meditation, seeing through first thought is the art of being.

Busy being born is busy being dying. But being without this business is God the Absolute seeing through this being.

This process appears to be a process within the process, but there is no process here and now. Being is spontaneously self-aware and absolutely empty.

This is called direct path. Earnestness.

Instant Tao.

In other words, following love at the speed of light.

Questions of abiding, non-abidance, or other states of this existence are questions only valid within this process.

Self-awareness is the Holy Ghost.

The holy spirit is enlightening intent.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Crucify Yin, Kill Yang, Be Tao

Render unto empire all the sacred empirical rules of doing and render unto oneself complete unknowing and nondoing. Religion is to people as the recluse is to consciousness.

Deconstruct conditioning as if you're crucifying Jesus or just killing Guatama. It's what they would have wanted you to do before becoming lost in some empirical translation.

To know what one has been conditioned to believe, in other words, to actually know, one shall forget what one is busy to remember too. Deconstruct conditioning while trusting in the only knowing.

And the sun set 11 minutes ago—it's kind of like I’m living in a moonshine dream gone further as I’m knowing it's a vision I’m intending for the sun of self-awareness now.

I'm moony for you! Intent is like a vision. Self-awareness now. The old world is dying. Grow the new world in your heart and retweet. First August crickets like a swing low sweet humming electrocution.

Karma is just attending to what I’ve started in this universe. Onward intent. Winter, spring, summer, and fall—everything I do is just a response to my call.

If I’m being public like a frog, forgive the feedback—angelic birdsong. All dreams are witnessed in this consciousness. I shall call that which isn't witnessed in this consciousness—deep sleep or god the great unknown.

Beautiful dreaming is a power of enlightenment. Frodo lives! Tao is this and Tao is that but this is never that. Dogs are cats and cats are dogs but raining cats and dogs is getting colder.

Universal consciousness is not for sale although post-modern mythologies are cheap. Faith is just another name for manifestation.

Let the higher take one higher just as if there's nothing higher than Denali or lower than Death Valley. This place is not named Tao.

Revalation doesn't happen on a weekday or a weekend. Revelation is not only knowing what isn't but also unknowing what is!

If nothing else, there's time. But love is everything or else. Love is not Corinthian. Love is not a letter. Love is not the last belief.

Sample like this "Earth's the right place for love: I don't know where it's likely to go better." Consciousness speaks one language.

Let me tell this story. Love is great intent undoing evolutionary knots. Evolution begins with war and ends in self-awareness.

But there is a more direct route without all the suffering, if you please. Consciousness makes the body like internal combustion makes ideas.

Even being is a concept.

Is it ceiling or leaves?

Imagine enlightenment.

Intend your dream and vice versa.

Evolution is the best mythology!

Be Christ. Be Buddha.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ode to Eight Eight Seven Renga

The actuality of self-awareness leaves behind
a trail of human beings,
as if exhaust were form, and intake, emptiness.

Accordingly, scientific materialism is a way about the past
as religious fundamentalism is a way about the future.
But neither is Tao.

In other words,
the mountain didn't make the sky and the sky doesn't make the mountain.
Spontaneity is a motherless child.

Spontaneity! Like absolute awareness being self-aware
and in this singular knowing is that unknowing all—
true meditation, real contemplation, as it is.

Snowflakes, Cherry Blossoms, Thunderstorms, Chrysanthemums— 
transformation is the beautiful speech of light,
relatively speaking.

Finally, self-awareness is absolute love,
and all other loves are either 
the colorful gods within its spectrum

or she's like a rainbow being—
beautiful being is the only concept knowable,
and in its unconditional truth, 

the clouds are parting.
So a rose is a red wheelbarrow is crimson
and clover in objectless awareness.

And self-awareness is 
the boundary-less boundary
within this dream state of these states of being.

Thus speaks 
the wordlessness 
of being—

like sand through an hourglass
intentionally resting in
that diamond of absolute awareness—

of self-awareness


Sunday, July 30, 2017

third koan

after the tree frogs  but before the crickets, there's a full stop of silence.
actually there's no dividing being but there's thinking it,

only being is knowing. dividing knowledge is the stuff of all illusions, dreams, soliloquies, and other existentialist philosophies.

it beats all that scientific materialism is the latest anti-christ
but love is always love.

love is neither material nor personal but consciousness talking to consciousness. everything else is just appearances in this consciousness.

by the way, everyone I ever loved is always by my side informing me they're always here.

love transforms but never dies, look. one is oneself only. and love is only oneself remembering this, together.

one can take the bhakti way
and one can take the via negativa.
but one is one despite what yellow road within the wood is taken.

which road shall I go down tonight?
the unsinkable always sinks.
the unthinkable is better left unsaid, my love.

the past is bad memory. the future is good imagination.
whatever the latest scientific division of time is, it isn't now.
the resignation of richard nixon. that moment when you walked "across the room / you make my heart go / boom boom boom" jackie wilson said

no future. only the great intent of nowe like true north.

if one is working with the power of love in the name of great intent and loving love is the power of two, then imagine the power of a trinity!

instead of scientific materialism, let's try curiouser and curiouser, children.

i surrender in the name of great intent.
ego therefore I'm gone.
respect the concept of the universe while being universal.

listen. enlightenment is just another name for self-awareness. but belief is known by ten thousand names.

write as if

four walls—ten thousand

memories—no views on views

on ten thousand views

o grand canyon o

yosemite black and white

matsushima o!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

footnotes to the second koan of unknowing

And commentary...

As it is is not what I was taught but get over it.

"That alone, the Absolute, You, Know! and not this which they worship."

Sometimes I live in the river.
Sometimes I live on the riverbank.
Sometimes I get a great notion
to drop body-mind—fade to blank.

Great intent
appears as good
or bad to those
who live within
the world of yin
and yang. But know
the Book of Job 
and who am I?

The fountain of youth is simply being.
I discovered myself in Acadia
and believed its mountains
and great gray sea
was me, and so
almost every single
New England season.

It was after Sky City but before Santa Fe.
Coyote on Interstate 40!
I am...unborn.

Loon, wind, water. Maine!

the second koan of unknowing

not to state
the obvious
nor divide

the indivis-
but this

is how
I see

not exactly
but quite


practically unknown.
as it has been written,
so it is I write.

for this
is my gospel of

every sacrifice
and desire
are fractions of

if one
were to



nothing is lost.
nothing is found.

(not to state the obvious nor divide the indivisible, but this is how I see that—not exactly infinite but quite spontaneous. obviously indivisible, practically unknown. as it has been written, so it is I write. for this is my gospel of intent. every sacrifice and desire are fractions of intent. if one were to suddenly awaken, I would be lucid. nothing is lost. nothing is found.)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

footnote to the first koans of unknowing

follow your god until that god is seeing through you

The First Koans of Unknowing

The commonwealth of our conditioning. The specialty of my expertise. The singularity of oneself. The perfect absolution.

And I’m saying to myself there'll never be a scientific singularity. There is being though. And all science is appearing in this consciousness.

Don't let it go to your head. Respect the heart of great intent.
Manifest as if one's self-evolving

Sooner or later, you must kill Jesus. And rest in one's own Buddha nature.

For all intents and purposes, one must render unto trump every normal playing card. All that's left for one is just the joker.

This evolutionary process of self-awareness assists in every turn and in direct proportion to one's faith in such an evolution of awareness.

(It may not be rocket science but it's not nothing.)

Sex and drugs are all well and good within the middle way. But money and security is the root of all extreme unconsciousness.

Go at your own speed but always see one's going. This may involve some current kind of therapy. Guru, priest, psychologist—whatever it takes.

There comes a time on a steep mountain path when the barrier of knowing one will never reach the summit is supplanted by the fact one is.

Staying on the path of one's own choosing is devotion to original intent. It is only through this individual and unconditional way that that is that.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Entitled No Name for Tao

Unknow. And know.
Put your babbling where your brook is.
The mind can deconstruct. Only the heart can unincorporate.

Sunset. Sunrise.
A sudden southern total solar eclipse in August.
The dark side of the moon only appears in a certain light.

Belief befall.
The empire of July and August is divided by December.
The varieties of rain. The spectrum of sunlight.

Science is just another new religion.
Real mythologies know there is no answer.
Between infinity and nothing is an open zero.

Listening to one, I get the zero.
Gazing at all, I feel full.
O! And m is the thirteenth letter of this post-progressive sudden and spontaneous phenomenon.

For every enlightened soul, an insect bites.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Dreaming as if July is Alive

If the car is like the body and the steering wheel is like the mind, who is driving? Note: the passenger is but a dream.

One's conditioning is like a well-oiled perpetual motion machine—until unconditional love is raining cats and dogs and beautiful babies.

I am nobody but love is what I am. Call me the song of self-awareness. Belief is disease but love is not a cure.

I have seen the best identify with deconstruction but the only identity is love and identity is not the best.

Love the ones I love. Surrender all ideas about some universal love. Four years is critical. Seven years is apocalyptic.

Pay the electric bill. Buy spring water. It's either karma or nothing. Otherwise, everything is unbelievable.

The art of being human is the fact of following my love. The god of all conditioning requires your insignificant sacrifice, earthling.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Epistle to I & Chorus

So a full moon is lower in the summer sky than a winter one because ecliptic plane.

the full moon is in less than two hours and counting

There is one way. My way. But it’s not a fascist way. Your way will unavoidably vary. Until i see there’s only me, it’s just like tea for two. And that way of the self, by the self, for the self, shall not perish from the self.

no buddha, no dharma, no sangha

Nobody nobody nobody but i, nobody can do (Tao Te Ching) like i do. I was born the day i spoke my name but i'm a pre-existing unconditional and unborn.

there are no words for my third stanza

The primary egg is never cracked. Every surface fracture is projection. "Honor be to Hiawatha! He has slain the great Pearl-Feather, Slain the mightiest of Magicians, Him, who sent the fiery fever, Sent the white fog from the fen-lands, Sent disease and death among us!"

on the shores of get me give me

The primary thought is a secondary character. I shot the shiva but i did not shoot the deputy. War, children, is just a thought away. What is it god for?

it’s my manifestation and i’ll laugh if i want to

I celebrate myself and sing myself for i am unbelievable! I am writing to forget and remember to forget. If you meet the buddha on the road, love him and leave him, no regrets coyote.

~it's not your brain, it's just the flame. from fame.~

This is my thirteenth life. This is self-awareness. There is no final judgment, Michelangelo. There is a final question, Maharaj. Will i still be myself tomorrow?

i am me as i forget i am as pure awareness is this self-awareness goo goo g'joob

Like the distant fireworks in my ear tonight. I provide the play-by-play projection. Gravity is the first sign of duality and the last refuge of religion.

no one making no commitment to anyone but oneself

Freedom is another word for nothing left but i. Self-reliance isn't of the world. Stripers or perch, stripers or perch, stripers or perch.

drop world. carry story.

I have a question. Why does it take 20 minutes for night vision to kick in? How long does it take to unlearn what one was taught? Always be be deconstructing. Drive Furthur, Cynthia

out of nowhere, Nisargadatta

All religions talk to you. Not i. I am not your matrix. P.S. I love you.

as i write whatever

not naturalism nor eternalism nor nihilism nor half nor empty. no view on views. the correct view.