Thursday, December 15, 2016

Welcome to the Hotel Mahamaya

Spontaneity appears to be random because. No one knows the wild infinity of causes. One can say there is infinity of causes

or one can say there’s causelessness. Narrative becomes created as some causes are selected. Narrative is changed if other causes are selected.

This is called the art of dreaming. To change one’s dream, just drop its causes and assign some other ones. There is no other effort needed.

It takes ten thousand words to deconstruct a single one. The original preface is the preface written before words.

In conclusion being needs no introduction. And self-awareness is penultimate absolution.

Sacrifice delusion and dance dance dance like native being on the pure ground of the absolute.

Universal eternity. Ubiquitous infinitude. Only the knowledge tells the knowledge to the knowledge.

Action is never cause. Intention is. For action is the localized appearance of universal enlightening intent.

And on the way, to be the love to be, or be the fear of not to be, is not so much a question as forgetting.

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