Friday, December 16, 2016

I’m Not Nothing Just Because It Isn't Known

I am me as we are world and you are my projection—who googles who?

Self-intent will dream a world the self will need to see myself in seeing through it. Earthshine. Quarter moon. Tao of self-awareness.

Being is the thread as sword is sutra as intent is self-awareness. In the presence of the mountain daughter.

While California keeps connected to the continent, Cold Mountain is my sky.

Blessed is the shaman of the High Sierras for her ouroboric tale is seeing through a glass darkly as the deep unknown is known.

My absolute mythology is all about an everlasting universe of bliss telling me that I’m not nothing.

Just because it isn't known doesn't mean it shall be known but also doesn't mean it's nothing.

Lucid dreaming is the love to love without a world of their conditioning.

Methuselah from Methuen is my crystal meth.

If dreaming is about which cave of cause has been selected, magic is the art of wild coincidence.

The echo of listening is not making a sound.

Deep Affectionate Silence.

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