Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Son Mountain 4 [a Cold Mountain Transcreation]

Cold Mountain holds so many wonders
climbers find themselves terrified—
when the moon is shining, the water is brilliant,
when the wind is blowing, grasses stir and sigh,
bare plum trees bloom with snow,
dead trees leaf with clouds.
A little rain transforms everything
but unless all is clear, you’ll never get through.

(from the translations of RP-157, RH-154, GS14, BW-45)


Cold Mountain has so many wonders
climbers all get scared
water shimmers in the moonlight
plants rustle in the wind
withered plum trees bloom with snow
snags grow leaves of clouds
touched by rain they all revive
unless it's clear you can't get through


Han-shan has many hidden wonders;
Climbers are always struck with awe.

When the moon shines, the waters are clear and bright;
When the wind blows, grasses rustle and sigh.

Withered plums, the snow becomes their blossoms;
Branchless trees have clouds filling in for their leaves.

Touched by rain, it's transformed—all fresh and alive;
If it's not a clear day, you cannot ascend.


Cold Mountain is full of weird sights;
People who try to climb it always get scared.
When the moon shines, the water glints and
When the wind blows, the grasses rustle and sigh.
Snowflakes make blossoms for the bare plum,
Clouds in place of leaves for the naked trees.
At a touch of rain, the whole mountain shimmers
But only in good weather can you make the climb.


Cold Mountain has many hidden wonders,
People who climb here are always getting scared.
When the moon shines, water sparkles clear
When the wind blows, grass swishes and rattles.
On the bare plum, flowers of snow
On the dead stump, leaves of mist.
At the touch of rain it all turns fresh and live
At the wrong season you can't ford the creeks.

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