Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Eleven Ways of Looking at One

It's not a question of faith.
The absolute unknown is there.
That is a fact.

In the deep-sleep-like absolute,
being aware of that absolute unknown occurs,
and the big bang dream-like experiencing takes place. And time.

In the unknown absolute,
there's nothing personal.
There is a constant breathing though.

Not knowing is
a deep and wide

In one, two begins. 
But three is limited—
because in one, two claims to be two. 

In the beginning there's nothing to say.
And in time, because of that which can't be said,
there's still nothing to say.

The seed has sprouted. Let

The absolute can't be known.
That is what I am.
To that, this being only happens.

Deconstruction is easy.
Transcending knowledge is not.
The first love is the strongest.

From two, one is separate.
From zero, one isn't.
Krishna says one is one.

Or, zero and two are the same, love.
But one changes.
How is this?

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