Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Magical Red Wind

The dream happens. The mind speaks in many tongues. There is one translation. Love.

The circus is in town. The clowns are speaking with ten thousand faces.

Although the Joshua Tree is sprouting from the desert floor, the desert floor is still the desert floor.

When walking is the meditation, watch one's actions pass like thoughts that pass as sitting.

Sitting and walking are the first step but being is the final concept.

In other words, doing no harm is not doing anything until being does.

Drop three times.

Not embodiment as much as disembodiment. Thoughts! Action! Light!

Key concepts: actions are thoughts and being does no harm.

Some sit, few walk, one is done.

The fourth state is the death star which one longs for like the deepest sleep except I’m not that tired of this being yet.

And being is the first and final speck.

Here's an idea. The big bang is the movie. The light is the sun of consciousness. But I am inside-out.

Being is the evolutionary climax of one's reflexive experience in the process of self-awareness.

Being is not defined as living, as the absolute is not definable.

The world begins every time I know I am.

The world is spontaneously analogous to being.

Being is non-doing. Non-doing is like love.

I know being is going further. And they say death is something otherwise.

On the other hand, deep sleep is like being merging with being.

Fog-bound rock-bound sea.
Lichen-covered eastern pines.
Deep sleep, deep sleep, deep...

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