Sunday, July 31, 2016

Number Eight Dream

As long as I think I understand the absolute truth, there's only me who doesn't.

Self-awareness is heightened by this evolution and limited by this evolution. Self-awareness is now.

Potentiality is unimaginable, so one imagines. One wants more but needs nothing.

Even if not energized by egoic reaction, the dream doesn't end but fades. Until the diary is opened at the end. This is called the closing credits.

Every morning you know this: this is my dream but I'm not this dream. Play it forward.

One already knows how a dream state works. Know that one is always witnessing a dream. Asleep or awake.

See me, feel me, listen. This is all one has to do. And while awake, I witness the original dream of being as well.

The latest mythology is scientific materialism. This happens to be the language I was taught. But my translations are from the heart.

Loving being is not a sickness. It's the original condition—on the unconditional.

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