Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Poetics of Magical Reality

Let the self-reflexive universe be your love, forgiveness, and compassion. For the setting changes as identity changes.

Actualizing the mythology always builds its own mandala. Ego is just a different kind of deity.

In the beginning, love is almost always present. Forgiveness is the evolutionary turn. Compassion is the beauty of the truth of self-awareness.

And old Jung fears become one’s statuesque protectors in new bliss.

Love is universal being. Compassion is negative capability. Forgiveness is the balancing point of zero. And unconscious fear is an imaginary number.

Since every story features both usurper and the sovereign-in-exile, I was playing both.

And as love forgiveness and compassion is the trinity of duality, bliss is the unity of non-duality.

Every word is not in need of deconstruction—just the cornerstone of one's distinctive birthright.

And the chorus sings renown and revelation, riff and realization.

We love our pain and pleasure because it's all in nondual bliss. This is called Psychology 101.

Wear your self like a cloak of stars. And the chorus sings existence is a thought. Being is not.

Poetics 101: speak as if each word is first and last.

Poetics 102: to say the unthinkable.

Poetics 103: look out for nihilism or irony; pay attention to bliss.

Poetics 104: actualize mythology.

You're either living in the past or going further.

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