Saturday, May 28, 2016

The New Poetics

Poetics 101: speak as if each word is first and last.

Poetics 102: to say the unthinkable.

Poetics 103: look out for nihilism or irony; pay attention to bliss.

Poetics 104: actualize mythology.

Poetics 105: describe samsara through compassionate wisdom.

Poetics 106: create performance poetry and extempore commentary.

Poetics 107: utilize setting as mandala of wisdom.

Poetics 108: see above is not exactly parallel to below.

Poetics 109: know birth is always sudden.

Poetics 110: the truth is in the listener already, write the white light of Tao.

Poetics 111: don’t trust illusion.

Poetics 112: understand emotional thought flares are little deaths.

Poetics 113: realize birth and death is in the world apparently but not in myself.

Poetics 114: do not use illusion for profit, the definition of black magic.

Poetics 115: bliss is openly loving, forgivingly free, compassionately one.

Poetics 116: being is empty and wise.

Poetics 117: sing what the voice has said and speak to what the song has sung.

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