Monday, May 9, 2016

Seeing Through Yourselves

The dream is mind's instructor. Respect the dream like one respects a teacher.

In dream, you are myself seen through a looking glass. On the other hand, nature is myself. Such is the infallibility of being.

Give self to myself by seeing through yourselves. Stop talking about charity when there's everything to give and no one to give to but myself.

Adolescence is all about Being pretending to be something when everyone is making one feel like nothing.

Write like a child in discovery and not an adult speaking to another jaded adult.

Write discovery and not some inauthentic socially-conditioned formalista irony. Koan. Not scenic views.

Movies are cheap mystical experiences. Everything you see is the real mystical experience. A mystic rose is a mystic rose is a mystic rose.

The past is a social science. Follow the concept. Memory is your only backup. A babbling brook in a desert canyon before the ancient ruins.

Being is the only science. Ten thousand deities dance on the head of a pin. Smell the flowers but fire burns.

The quick brown frog jumps through the ancient pond.

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