Monday, May 2, 2016

Big Bang Mountain

Consciousness is like 
the light 
and pure awareness 
like the source. 
One goes on and off. 
The big unknown is neither. 
Call it the black whole. 

The Unbelievable Event of I
God knowing God
when sliced
looks like an evolutionary universe—
as I emerge from my chrysalis as Self-awareness.

A good practice is to move your hand around
as if it's a skeleton.
That is pure imagination.
The body is just an idea—
and so the great doctors help cure
your self of all ideas.
Think of your skeleton as light
this is called treating a symptom.

Questioning consensus reality—
that's basically the definition of post-modernism.
Accepting only being is the next big thing.

in only being
until seeing
that is unbelievable—
being is
the knowledge of
that unknown.

Authenticity is just knowing the personal is inauthentic.
If affirmation is New Age,
negative capability is:
“capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts,
without any irritable reaching after fact and reason”

Data is the past
and only predicts
one who lives in the past.
Magic reality is just that first flush of deconstruction.
Upon seeing the falsity of conventional reality,
it’s natural to imagine new and magical realities.

Developing one's natural
compassion is the most important practice there is
if one intends on staying in this world.
Otherwise Karma.

Seeing through illusion is the best
a bodhisattva can do.
The trick is always there.
Unless you're like a Buddha or something.

Illusion seeing
projecting the big mountain—
this is Buddha's world!

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